August 27th, 2004

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The burns!

Seriously? What moron signed off on this storyline? It's just so bad. So so bad, and I can't imagine who would ever had thought it was a good idea. I have a feeling it may have something to do with making the show darker, because in season 3 it became way too...candycoated. But boy, did they ever miss the mark when they went the ConCord route. Interestingly enough, Rain of Fire has reverted back to Apocalypse, Nowish on the DVD set (and I always thought it was a much better name, just a horrible episode ending).

Apart from the ConCord ::shudder:: and final destruction of Cordy's character, I like season 4. Take those elements out and I think it could have been a good season. But who can look back on season 4 and not see those two horrible events? Not me, that's for sure. But Justine in a closet? Wes/Lilah? Yum!

The Wes/Lilah storyline is gold. It makes me question Wes/Fred, though, because even though Wes is extremely angry when he's with Lilah, I can't help but think that his relationship with Fred may have been sweet and light, but it couldn't ever have stayed that way because that's not who he is. It's who he wants to be, but the truth will out. (I'm not sure that's who Fred was either, but that's another story.)

fer1213 has been reccing theohara's fic, and I finally caved the other day and read them all. I heartily second the rec. You can find her stories here. My favorite is As the Romans Do, and it's also the longest. All of them are WIPs, though (with the exception of Every Night I Save You, I think).

I need more user pics. I'm having way too hard a time deleting old ones to make place for new ones. Where's that 100 user pic petition? One should have materialized by now. Last night I made space for four new icons and each deletion was like a stab to the heart. Okay, not quite that dramatic, but pretty darn close. I love this new icon, though, because it fits me so well. I have the weirdest sleeping schedule. Right now I usually sleep in the mornings, meaning that at 7.30 am? I'm usually still up, instead of just getting up like any normal person.

Seeing everyone else's icon_spark posts confirms to me that I just can't do antique-y looking icons, probably because I'm a modernist and my version of antique is usually 60s and 70s. I'll go as far back as the 20s for the art deco, but no further. It's just not me.

I capped the first four episodes of The West Wing the other day. You can find the links in my screencap post.

And last but not least: Happy birthday, sweet_ali!
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