July 20th, 2004

αΩ | Φ | nobody said it was easy

I actually made a wallpaper...

...that I like. Will wonders never cease?

I made it for fer1213. (You probably won't even be able to use it, but at least you inspired me to actually make something big so...squee!) I took the site name (When in Rome) and made it a theme. The lyrics are from Sinatra's Three Coins in the Fountain on Buffy's side and from Sheryl Crow's The Book on Spike's side. Why yes, I did a search for "Rome" at Leo's Lyrics, why do you ask?

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Oh, and I also made an icon with actual images of me. Me at seven, but still me. And my brothers and grandfather too. I totally stole the style of the icon from someone, but now I can't remember who...