July 19th, 2004

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I suck

I changed my layout - again. I think I'll change back to my O-Ren layout soon, but I'm so freaking obsessed with this scene it's sickening. And yes, I suck. Big time.

Anyway, since this is only a temporary thing you can snag the header if you want, just don't hotlink. Are there people out there as obsessed as I am? I somehow doubt it.

Oooh, and I made a bunch of default icons too, none of which I'm pleased with, but I can't be bothered to go all out since it's just a temporary thing. Collapse )

Yesterday I spent a lot of time updating my resource post. It's still not done (not that it'll ever be done, really), but I'm at least well on my way.

I bought AbFab seasons 1-4 on DVD and therefore I've been watching Edina and Patsy for the past few days. It really is my favorite comedy show of all time. And now that I have DVDs I can cap and make icons that don't suck (hopefully). Yay!

For some reason I'm feeling more inspired to make non-icon stuff though. Headers, mostly, because I don't feel quite ready to make wallpapers. All that space intimidates me. If I didn't dislike all Friends banners so much I guess I could take a crack at those. But what I'm really fascinated with is making animated headers. I had a plan for one for this header, but I got so tired that I just saved it as a .png. Maybe I'll return to it when I'm more rested.
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