July 14th, 2004

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A lot of people missed the Fool for Love caps so I decided to reupload them, but since the file is approaching 350 MB this is it. And I've capped some other episodes too:

5x07 Fool for Love (346 MB)
5x19 Tough Love (143 MB)
5x22 The Gift (93 MB)
6x06 All the Way (62 MB)
7x08 Sleeper (105 MB)

Oh, and in case there was ever any doubt, I cap these for me so they're not going to be as general as the Buffyscreenshots ones. I usually only cap Buffy, Spike, Spike and Buffy, Anya, Dawn and Willow. There will be a few other images, but mostly? Not so much.

This icon is a ripoff of homage to dtissagirl's wonderful O-Ren icon from her latest icon post. Gradients by crumblingwalls. Love them. LOVE them. And though I felt Dead Like Me got a bit too formulaic towards the end of the first season I'm excited about the new season. Yay, something to watch!

Now I'm off to watch The Amazing Race!
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