June 24th, 2004

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Oh happy day!

My new computer arrived today! Happy happy happy!

I've spent all evening trying to remember what programs I need to transfer from my old computer (thank god I save every crappy little program I download) and then actually installing them. I've installed Photoshop (naturally), Power DVD (a version that will actually do caps, thank you very much!), Zoom Player, Semagic (which refuses to show me my list of friends) and a whole bunch of fonts.

I had to try both capping (and I set the screen to the highest resolution, so they're HUGE) and icon-making (points to icon from cap). I'd be willing to take cap requests if anyone wants them. Collapse )

I'm somewhat freaked out by this monitor, it's not flatscreen but the screen is still flat if you know what I mean. It's also 19 inches! I thought I'd be awful to sit close to such a big monitor, but so far I'm liking it. I just wish I could have the monitor straight ahead, but I'd rather swivel a bit than not have proper support for my wrists as I type.

Tomorrow is Midsummer (Happy Midsummer, everyone!) so I shall be pretty much absent from the Internet. I also have to be at a friend's place at ten a.m. so I probably should sign off now and catch a bit of Buffy (I'm up to New Moon Rising - over halfway done in my Buffy watching extravaganza!) before I have to sleep.

Since I don't want to tempt the Wrath of LJ too much tonight: Someone asked in my last icon post if it's okay to rename my icon files. It's totally fine - I let Photobucket rename them because I usually have files that have the same name (a01.png for Anya and for Aeryn - you can see how it would get confusing). When I save a file I actually consider it mine and name it whatever I damn well please! ; ) I'm the one who has to find it among the thousands of files on my computer after all.

I'll try to catch up on replies to my last few posts this weekend.
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