June 22nd, 2004

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Wonderfalls and friends

episode 10 torrent is up

There seem to be a rash of friends list mutations going on. I won't be doing any cuts, and I rarely do. The only people I've defriended are people who I've friended back and have then taken me off their list (and whose journals I really had no interest in). What I don't get, however, are people who defriend you just because you defriend them. If that's the only reason, like they'll comment and say "I really enjoyed your posts, but oh well, I'll defriend you". Well, if you're enjoying reading the posts, why are you defriending them? Are you only capable of reading posts by people who read your own pathetic whining? I've said it before and I'll say it again: I add people because I want to read what they have to say, not because I want them to read what I have to say.

However, this does not mean I won't ever cut my list in the future, so don't start bitching to me about this post if I ever do.

Now, where's episode 9? I waaaants.
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