June 5th, 2004

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I'm all over the place today

I got my Farscape season 4 DVDs today. Well, only 4.5, but the rest will be arriving next week. Good thing it was the last one because I was so apprehensive about the sound effects on Bad Timing and having to ship it back to the UK, but thankfully the DVD was okay. Phew!

I bought the season 4 DVDs separately (4.1-4.5) for less than the season 3 box set will cost me when it's released in September. Does this sound weird to anyone else but me?

I'm not going to see Harry Potter today, nor tomorrow. Because of the simple fact that it's not being released here until Wednesday. What in the name of all that is holy is that about?

I had to go into work this afternoon and traffic was awful. The weather is glorious so of course everyone was heading to their summer homes (which in Stockholm usually means they're located in the archipelago). Also, it's graduation time and we have this tradition of people riding on the back of trucks. This means they can't drive more than 15 miles per hour. I got stuck three cars behind one that was blaring music so loudly my car was vibrating. And to top it all off tomorrow is the Stockholm marathon and they were setting up for that. The road I have to take into work (because there basically is no other road) is the final stretch of the race.

tlace is requesting movie recs in her journal. Go rec her something. Or better yet, rec me something. =)

Since I was bemoaning the lack of fic yesterday, Collapse )

* This post brought to you by the "I can't see Harry Potter until Wednesday, so you must all be made to suffer" group. Void where prohibited.
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