May 25th, 2004

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My life - It's aaall about TV

There's apparently some news about Wonderfalls (via tiggz). According to Tim Minear there may be DVDs, with extras and commentaries, being released in time for the holidays. May I just say: Woo! and Hoo! Definitely holding off on reading those scripts now. Hope really does spring eternal.

Looks like a lot of good things are happening in about six months (give or take a few months): Farscape miniseries! Wonderfalls DVDs! Alias returns! (Okay, this one might not be such great news. But hey, it can't get worse, right? And there are Angel people coming to save the show! At least that's what I tell myself.)

I translated another The Man Show yesterday. It wasn't as bad as the previous one, and that's saying quite a lot considering the things they did: asked guys on the street what they named their penises, put stuff in their pants pocket and asked young girls to try to guess by feeling through their pants, made rounds with a garbage truck and of course that perennial favorite - girls on trampolines! Woo...hoo...? How can such totally awful shows be allowed several seasons while gems such as Firefly and Wonderfalls don't even get a full season?

Touching Evil is downloading slowly but steadily. It's apparently supposed to be done in 12 minutes. ::crosses fingers::

My Buffy seasons 2-7 DVDs were shipped on Sunday. I'm of course totally broke now, but I have seven seasons of Buffy to console me. Yay! It said it would take 3-5 days and I really hope they get here this week. I was planning to watch them in order. It's funny but I'm almost dreading having to sit through seasons 1-4 to get to the good stuff. I know everyone seems to think that seasons 1-3 are the bee's knees (heh, funny expression. Wonder where it stems from?), but when I think of the episodes that really moved me, that really made me fanatical about this show, only the last three seasons spring to mind. They're certainly not perfect and I have issues up the wazoo with especially season 7, but the risks they took and the direction they went still amazes me.

My sleeping schedule is all frelled to hell, I'm considering staying up till tomorrow night so I get back to somewhat normal sleep patterns.

Holy crap, the biggest Superstar screencaps I've ever seen! And over 2000 of them. ::is amazed:: (Thanks, roniabirk! =) And Salvage Screencaps that I linked to the other day has some pretty huge caps too.

Touching Evil is done now. Off to watch!
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