May 24th, 2004

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Ramblings while waiting for Alias torrent

The Alias torrent is being eeevil today. I guess there won't be one until it's finished airing on the East Coast. ::waits (not so) patiently::

I read Tissa's new tutorial and I made this icon utilizing some of the techniques I learned. Yeah, I know, it doesn't look a thing like her icon, but I still like it.

Apparently, it's now easier to change mood themes.

My e-mail is not being good to me right now. I'm getting mail that's days old, so if you think I'm ignoring a comment from you, I'm most likely not. Except if I am.

Not to mention LJ. I figured it'd be quiet during Alias, but the site went all wonky instead.

By the way, corngirl_jo? The ER upload crapped out again at about the same time. I figured the site must have been getting too many uploads. I'll try again later today when there're (hopefully) less people using it.


I think I'll watch Joan of Arcadia now, to wile away the time.
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