May 18th, 2004

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Not my caps, but caps nonetheless. And fic, let's not forget the fic.

Buffy Screenshots put up DVD caps of Lessons a week or so ago, so it looks like they're tackling season 7. Woohoo! Just wish they wouldn't optimize them so harshly. I also found links to two partner sites that seem to have decent enough caps: Screencap Paradise and Salvage Screencaps. One of them (can't remember which) had some pretty decent Angel DVD caps all the way up to, and including, season 3, only the widescreen shots are all the wrong aspect ratio. Grrr, when will people learn?! Fortunately, thanks to lollobridgida I have now learned to resize entire batches so if I can just download them with Spiderzilla I can change them all in one fell swoop. I checked my My Images folder today - it was over 20 GB. I need to stop accumulating so many screencaps. ::hangs head in shame:: But hey, there are worse things than pretty images to be addicted to, right?

So, with BSS, ASS, the Freeze Frame network and any number of other resources it looks like we're all set for Jossverse screencaps. And Angie's working hard on those Farscape caps. Now how come it's so frelling hard to find good Alias caps? The DVD sets have been out for months and still no one is capping.

Speaking of Alias, I'm not all that upset about the seven month hiatus. First of all, any extra time they have to figure out how they went wrong this season and come up with plans to fix it is good in my book. Second of all, I'm used to these types of hiatuses. In Sweden we never have reruns in the middle of a season. The season runs its course and is then repeated, in order, from the beginning. Much less confusion that way, methinks. Plus, we usually get two full seasons of different shows in a single season. Granted, it's usually something like Smallville in the fall and then Charmed in the spring, but still - new episodes is good.

I'm starting to read X-Files fic! It's a whole new fandom to delve into. Only, it's not so easy finding links that still work. Is anyone out there well-versed in X-Files fic? Are there any "must-reads"? I found a web site for the Spooky Awards so I thought I'd work my way through that as time permits.

While I'm at it - I've been thinking about trying on some Farscape fics for size. Any recommendations?

This is pretty sad, but I'm basically a shippy reader, so I'd mainly be interested in MSR and J/A respectively. And any new S/B recs would be most welcome too. I'll even start by reccing the first chapter of aliceroosevelt's fic A Life Uncommon. WIP, so don't click if you don't want to read fic that isn't complete.

Even though I commented in your journals today: Happy birthday, wisteria_ and kumi!

And finally, corngirl_jo, did you get the CDs yet? Because I'm really starting to worry that I messed up when I wrote your address or something since it's taking a ridiculous amount of time. But wouldn't they send it back if that were the case? I couldn't have been so stupid as to mess up when I wrote my own address, could I? ::ponders:: Actually, that doesn't sound so farfetched...
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