May 4th, 2004

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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

I was talking about Kill Bill at work today, because I adore that movie and I've been talking it up to my coworkers. One of them said that her band, Voladoras (she's Doña Tella Voladora in case anyone wants to know), which describes itself as a "high heeled garage punk" band, played a gig with The 5-6-7-8s who play on stage in Kill Bill (the Crazy 88s scene). (Boy, was that ever a convoluted sentence!) I remember her telling me about it at the time, but who knew Tarantino would discover them?

Anyway, this got me thinking about The Oracle of Bacon, which is like the greatest Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon search engine there is (or at least used to be, I haven't tried it in a couple of years). I've tried, but I could never find any actress or actor with more than a three or four degree separation. You can waste hours on that site, switching between it and just trying to find someone obscure. Apparently there are less than 200 actors/actresses with more than six degrees of separation.

I'm off to play now and then I'm watching the final three episodes of Farscape season 2. Oh, and does anyone have the region 2 DVDs of the final Farscape episodes? Because I heard that Bad Timing didn't have any sound effects and I wanted to know if it was true before I order it.
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