April 29th, 2004

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Is Angel out soon? Is it? Is it?

I just can't stop thinking about that Marcus Dixon case on Oprah. Collapse )

Holy crap! I mean, I appreciate wit as much as the next person, but paying 25 000 dollars for a wedding gown just because the guy is funny? Not so much.

Signs you know you're pre-menstrual:
You start tearing up while translating Black Rain. Black Rain for crying out loud!

I'm still obsessed with the Alias timeline and I'm dragging other people into my special hell. *g* protoainsley created alias_timeline. Go, join and help us make sense of all this. I keep hearing so many different things from different people that I'm confusing myself.

See my icon? Yeah, my allergies are making themselves known. Blech! While making it I noticed that Un4scene has pretty good DVD caps up for the first few seasons at least. Only they're all the wrong aspect ratio. Grrr Argh! Does anyone know how to change entire batches of images in Photoshop so I don't have to look it up myself?

Okay, now I have to return to Black Rain. Let's see if I can keep from crying this time. ; )
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