April 24th, 2004

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So many fandoms... *sigh*

Made reservations for tickets to Kill Bill - Vol. 2 this afternoon. Who knew it would premiere so soon? And I also dl it so maybe I can make screencaps when I get home. Depends on the quality, I haven't checked yet. Any requests if I do (and I won't be checking my replies before I see the movie, so feel free to put in spoilers if you wanna get specific.)

I have the first two seasons of Farscape on DVD! I watched up to A Human Reaction yesterday, because I wanted to be halfway lucid when I watched it. Yet I still stayed up for five more hours making icons and reading my friends list. If I'm not around much in the next few days, you now know why. And rewatching them like this for the first time (I've been to lazy to transfer them onto my computer again), I find them so much more interesting than the first time around. Okay, so I still space out every time I try to watch I, ET (what's up with that?), but in general, the episodes are sooo much better than I remember them, and there is so much stuff in those early episodes that are brought back later on in the show. Continuity! YAY!

Touching Evil has finished downloading, but I promised a friend we'd watch it together. Guess it'll be all Farscape, all the time for me this afternoon. *g*

Crap, the Spuffy ficathon fics are being posted, but I want to watch Faaaarscape (and Kill Bill)! *whine*

There are like a million people I should reply to, but I don't wanna... I'm just gonna go watch more Farscape now.
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