April 20th, 2004

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Downloading woes and Farscape

Anyone out there not watching Farscape? Go read saava's wonderful "Watch Farscape, dammit!" post.

I've seen a lot of people complain about the massive torrents on SuprNova, so I thought I'd tell you about my downloading program of choice for anything that's not available on BitTorrent.

Now, the program is a bit different than other sharing programs, but once you get the hang of it it it's easy as pie. The amount of files being shared on DC when I started was at least ten times that of Kazaa in its heyday. Only you probably won't have access to all those files because they're all in different hubs.

There are thousands of hubs out there - mostly non-American ones. When you first start the program you should check your Settings. All hubs require that you share your files, some require just 1 GB, some as much as 150 GB, and make a number of slots available for each hub you're connected to. I'm usually only connected to one or two hubs, making two slots available for each hub.

You can set up a list of favorite hubs and users so you don't have to go looking for them in the public hubs list every single time (and some of them disappear off the list, so there are a lot more hubs than you can see in the list).

If you want to try it out, here are a few of my favorite hubs to get you started:

  • curse.no-ip.org (CurZed) - this hub is an offshoot of the Buffy/Angel hub of the Asgard network, but I like it better because there are more users and a lower required share. The required share for this hub is 5 GB.

  • chiana.dnsalias.com (Shadow Depository) - yet another Asgard hub. As most Scarpers can probably tell it's mainly for Farscape and other SciFi. The required share for this hub is 50 GB. I don't use this hub that much because there aren't that many users that have 50 GB on their harddrive, meaning there are hardly any users in there.

  • sewers.asgards.org (The Sewers of Asgard) - this is where you end up when you try to connect to an Asgard hub that's already full, so there are usually a lot of users here. The required share for this hub is 1 GB.

  • buffy.no-ip.info (Buffy/Angel) - the first one I found and where I got Buffy episodes before I found BitTorrent (aka: my salvation). The required share for this hub is 8 GB.

The Asgard network is Swedish, but all the chats are in English and there are a lot of other nationalities who come there. It seems to have started off mainly as a BtVS/AtS network that just grew from there. Other hub names include: Hyperion, Wolfram & Hart and Sunnydale.

Another good hub for more general files (though you can pretty much find anything on the Asgard network) is the Maximum Speed network. This is their hub list:

Hub1: ms1.maximumspeed.org [10GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 slots/Hub]
Hub2: ms2.maximumspeed.org [15GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 slots/Hub]
Hub3: ms3.maximumspeed.org [10GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 Slots/Hub]
Hub4: ms4.maximumspeed.org [ 3GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 Slots/Hub]
Hub5: ms5.maximumspeed.org [65GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 Slots/Hub]
Hub6: ms6.maximumspeed.org [15GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 Slots/Hub]
Hub7: ms7.maximumspeed.org [10GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 Slots/Hub]
Hub8: ms8.maximumspeed.org [10GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 Slots/Hub]
Hub9: ms9.maximumspeed.org [ 7GB][DC++ : Max 3 Hubs: 2 Slots/Hub]

To connect to a hub using one of these addresses, go to the public hubs view, type (or copy and paste) the address into the "Manual connect address" window and press "Connect".

I've yet to find a fake file on DC - in fact I find it's more reliable than BT in that respect. And the hub owners are very strict about certain files being shared so be sure to read the rules about what's allowed before you share. And never ever ever share installed files.

That's my illegal action for the day - go forth and download. And if you like the show, be sure to support the creators by buying the DVDs. =)

Anyone who's seen the end of season 2 of Farscape and is in need of a good cry, here's a certain funeral theme that will do the trick. (right-click save, rename as .mp3)
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