April 16th, 2004

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The end of yet another day

I didn't get to see Angel until this morning, but the episode was kinda bright for once so it wasn't such a hardship to watch it. Collapse )
After watching Angel I translated some Conan and during my next break Collapse )

When I got home I felt the sudden urge to make a header for my journal, so I did, and a new default icon to boot. I like the header fine, and I don't think I'll think it's horrible in the near future, but what I'm most impressed with is that I actually made something that wasn't icon sized. Which may be a good thing because I can't seem to make anything original right now. I made this icon:

which I really like, only as I was making it I realized it looked a lot like one of saava's BtVS icons from a while back, from the same episode, no less, but I didn't dwell on it too much because, like I said, I really liked it. And then today I saw someone using another icon from the same set where she used the same screencap. Doh! Oh well, I think I'll just keep it all to myself because I really want to use it, but sharing it would feel icky somehow. Caps for the header are by saava in case anyone's wondering.

And I finally went back to The Boxer, which I like so much better than Opal. Sure, you don't get the user pic link with every icon, but if someone posts a link that's too long or an image that's too big it'll only screw up that post and not the whole page. That's slowly been driving me nuts while I've been using Opal.

Are you all sufficiently bored yet? Good, then my work here is done. ; )

ETA: Apparently my work is not done because I forgot to pimp The Beatles Icon Project.
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I'm a journal entry writing fool

I've been in a fabulous mood today. Got plenty of sleep, then woke up and checked my friends list, while the sun shone down outside. Not even the call from work to come in and translate an 8 minute trailer into English could burst my bubble. It was actually quite enjoyable, as work goes.

Then I decided that an hour's work is quite enough for a Friday, so I blew everything off for the rest of the day and went into Gamla Stan. I parked on Skeppsbron (there's a web camera here) and walked all of Västerlånggatan (which was almost that crowded too) almost up to the castle. Which is so ugly, by the way - the one where the royal family actually lives, Drottningholm, is so much prettier. I went into Gray's American Food Store (the reason I went there in the first place) only to find they had no strawberry Twizzlers. Bastards!

So then I walked down to Munkbrogatan and found Silverboden, which was open, and they had your earring, soundingsea! Just tell me where to send it. It was tiny though, I thought it would be at least one size bigger.

I went back up to Västerlånggatan via one of the narrow alleys (not this one, though) to see if I could find something to drink, but I got distracted by the shiny Science Fiction book store (don't actually know the person in front of it, but it was the only pic I could find). They had all seasons of Buffy on DVD, *covets*, as well as Angel, X-Files and many more. Expensive as hell, but I think the X-Files ones may actually be cheaper to buy there than through Amazon. Those seasons are wicked expensive, yo.

At this point my new shoes started giving me blisters so I headed back to the car and went home.

The End
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