March 18th, 2004

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Oh for...

One thing I've never understood about creationism... Do the people who believe in it believe there never were dinosaurs on Earth? Then what are fossilized dinosaur bones? Or did dinosaurs exist, only within the past 6 000 years? How did they disappear? Did God smite them down? Because they couldn't have died out since there's no evolution. I just can't get it all to fit together in my mind.

I started thinking about this after I read the article irfikos linked to. Reading something like that just makes my blood boil.

I had this person (read: troll) who I banned for insulting someone in my journal, so she added me (because logic is so hard to come by in some necks of the woods), then deleted me, but for some reason I'm still listed as a friend in her user info. But she's not listed as a "Friend of" in my user info. It's so freaky I couldn't even begin to guess what's going on.

When Family Ties aired on Swedish television they named it Five in the Family (but in Swedish of course). Only they didn't take into account that the family actually expands to six (it started airing after it had gone off the air in the States). In Swedish six=sex and sex=sex, so I was always curious as to whether they would change the title into "Sex" in the Family when Andrew was born. Fortunately they didn't, though the title seemed kinda stoopid afterwards.

Last spam of the day (because it's almost midnight), but I may be back with more before I go to bed.

Happy birthday shipperfey and eowyn797!
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