March 3rd, 2004

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Troll logic and friending policy

Okay, so I have my very own troll. The thread is right here.

I've actually given up on answering, but I just had to point out this little gem about homosexuals and marriage (my comment is italicized):

I just don't see how you can stand behind people who would do anything, even lie (and as you previously metion, that is the conerstone of a decent person), to get what they want.

It sort of looks like you're contradicting yourself, when you look at it that way.

When exactly did they lie? They're working through legal channels trying to change a law that they consider unfair and biased.

There's over 10 billion people in the world, how many of them are homosexual? You don't know. How many of them have lied? You don't know. I'm saying homosexuals are so desperate to change the law, that they are willing to lie. That they probably would lie. The law was around before they decided to become homosexual, if they want equal rights they know where to go to get them.

That's some serious troll logic right there. *g*

And in other news: new friending policy. I now have over 200 friends and I've noticed in the past month or so that I never add people that I really want to add, because I'm starting to have trouble keeping up. Therefore, I'm not friending back automatically anymore. If you're here for the icons or caps, that's just fine. Glad to have you. =) If you want me to friend you back, respond a little, establish a line of communication. But please don't just say "please friend me back", because I probably won't and then we'll both feel bad. Two types of users I'll never friend back: those who write in 'Net speak, (just no), and those who don't cut-tag spoilers, including episode spoilers for at least a few days. I can't always watch the shows right as they air in the States, and I'm spoiler free for every show I watch. And really, you're not missing much. In the time I've had this journal (nine months or so) I've friends locked less than a handful of posts.

Speaking of shows I watch(ed), I'm so happy the Firefly movie was greenlit I could explode. (Thanks for the link, evemac.)

Two final notes:

dtissagirl, I was looking through your fonts in your share (and grabbed some, I finally have Cezanne. Yay!) and I thought it was hilarious that you have one called Äggstock. That's Swedish for ovary. ; ) Also, you have a hell of a lot of images. Wow!

soundingsea, I haven't been able to connect to SuprNova since yesterday, and now TV torrents has gone all evil too. I just hope this resolves itself during the day. I did find another site, it may show up there, but they didn't have that many TV torrents so I'm not holding my breath.
ETA: Never mind, the site still works. There may be hope yet.
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