March 1st, 2004

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More caps

S/B again. At this rate, I'm going to fill up my new harddrive with just images. Geez, you'd think I'd know when to stop. Or maybe not...

I just added these to the same folder as the last bunch. The caps are from Wrecked and As You Were. There are many caps because I wanted enough for animations, however, Power DVD has avi file issues which means you can't step through them the way you can with mpgs, so getting that one shot you want can take a while, which is why these aren't in order. Don't ask me what order they're supposed to be in though, I haven't got a frelling clue. Most of them are in order, though sometimes repeated. If you see one that looks like it's out of order, that's probably because it is.

So I made another S/B kissing icon. I now have ones for OMwF, Tabula Rasa and Wrecked. And I've got the bases for one from As You Were. I need help. Even though I'm using the kissing icon, I must confess I like this one even better:

I think I'll turn on the TV now. Only to fall asleep just as the Oscars are set to begin, how much you wanna bet? I have been up since six am after all. I think I'll set the alarm for six to see if I can catch who wins the big awards.