February 13th, 2004

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Apparently Google is my Valentine

I have one of those Google tool bars in my IE and today I looked up at it and I thought it'd gotten diseased or something. Turns out there were little hearts in the query window. And the first O in Google is a heart too. And I started shouting at it: "Why are you reminding me of this pseudo-holiday that we wouldn't even celebrate in this country if we weren't so Americanized?!"

Of course at this point I realized I'd gone a bit off the rails, what with shouting at my monitor and all, so I promptly stopped. Then I realized it wasn't even Valentine's Day, but Friday the 13th and a rant started building again. I kept this one in check though. ::pats self on back::

I spent last night making some pretty weird-looking icons. I can't figure out if I like them or not, but I'm getting pretty sick of most of my icons anyway, so I guess I'll just rotate them out until I have something I like again.

I love the smell of coffee beans roasting. Which is kinda weird since I don't actually like coffee, but good since I live close enough to a coffee roasting plant to be surrounded by the smell if the wind is right. It smells sorta like chocolate. Which doesn't explain things either, because I'm not that fond of chocolate. Give me salty liquorice any day. Especially the salty kind that burns your tongue and makes your mouth raw for days... And you people have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? Except for meko00 of course, who even has it as a Live Journal interest. I really should add it too, because it's yummy.

Okay, so this is like the most random post ever. I'm gonna put a stop to it and go watch some season 1 X.-Files episodes. "Work?" What is this "work" that you speak of? ; )

Ooh, almost forgot to mention: I read a lovely and intriguing post-Gift story by gwyn_r called Assumption.. Must go leave feedback now.
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Excuse me while I kiss this guy

So I noticed that almost everyone on my friends list uses song lyrics in their subject lines. I don't for the simple reason that I can never remember them unless I'm actually listening to them. And that's also why my icons have lyrics from whatever is on my playlist at the moment.

Anyway, I was bored so I figured I could go to Kissthisguy.com where they have a pretty comprehensive list of misheard lyrics. The most famous one of course being the one that gave the site its name. It's slashy Jimi subtext! (Or would that be text?)

Some of the entries are hilarious, but the funniest one I've ever heard actually came from a friend of mine. It's a Whitney Houston song from The Bodyguard soundtrack. I've forgotten the rest of the song, but the original lyric is supposed to be: "You see through"... (and then continues: "right to the heart of me.").

My friend, on the other hand, sang: "Juicy fruit"... She must have thought it was subliminal advertising. *g* Though if you listen closely, and keep the line in mind, it actually does sound a lot like "juicy fruit".

I don't suppose anyone else has any funny misheard lyrics to share? Probably not, it is Friday after all and the FL is always dead on Fridays... ::sigh::

X-Files, here I come!
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