January 11th, 2004

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I didn't really think that they would have released Alias yet, but I went to check anyway because you never know. Of course they hadn't. ::sigh:: Guess I'll have to wait until... What is it? 1 am? Something like that.

However, I found that they've started releasing the fifth season of AbFab! This makes me very happy. First two episodes are up at SuprNova. They've also released the first four episodes of the second season. Maybe I'll finally find my lap dog picture. Fingers crossed.

In other news, my mail server is being bitchy. I didn't respond to some comments last night because no e-mail notifications got through - the ones from last night are still trickling in so if I haven't responded to something it's not because I'm ignoring you. Honest.

The worst part is that I have to work today, so I don't have time to do much else. But at least it's Queer Eye on Oprah! Okay, so the Oprah part is less fun, but Queer Eye! Let's hope it's what I think and not their own version of it.

I'll be back when I find the Alias file. I actually slept late on purpose so I'd be able to stay up and watch Alias. Yes, I'm aware that I'm scheduling my life around a TV show. I'm not well...
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