January 3rd, 2004

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So, I went to IKEA today (in the middle of the work day - I love working at home!) and I bought this table. You place it over your bed so I guess it's like a bedside table (which is good because my bed is surrounded by bookcases. I never have enough space for bookcases). I still haven't put it together because once I got home I just couldn't be bothered to do anything but work for a bit and make icons. Didn't make that many, but I made this Conan one (which works both for work-related stuff and just generally bad days.), which is sort of a copy of one desuete has. I cropped it way differently, but I just had to have it because I love his expression so.

It's supposed to get really cold tomorrow so I kind of wish I could just stay cooped up in bed all day, but since I fooled around today I need to make up the work tomorrow. Working at home does have it's drawbacks, it's just that the pros outweigh the cons about 50 to 1. =)

Am already dead tired so I think I'll turn in once I'm all caught up on the day's happenings. Though nothing ever seems to happen on Fridays. Weird...
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