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The big post of Spuffy fic

I started this list as a response to mistakency's wish list request for Spuffy recs. It's gotten out of hand and I've been at it for at least a few hours so I'm posting it now and adding more later. Some authors I haven't even had time to touch on yet, and individual fics from non-prolific authors aren't that easy to remember, so this is a very incomplete list.

I'd love links to anyone else's favorite stories/authors and any rec posts that may be out there. I'd especially like recs for post-series fics for both BtVS and AtS. I just get a feeling there should be more, you know?

I think most of these are well-known to all and sundry, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Season 2

Glimpses by harmonyfb
Under a Killing Moon by crackers4jenn

Post-Becoming Part II

Perfume of Kismet by gwyn_r

Season 3

All Over It by nautibitz
Captivated by nautibitz

Season 4

Achilles Heel by Elizabeth
Body Shots by nautibitz
Clearance by treacle_a
Close Encounters by nautibitz
Heart's Don't Lie by nautibitz Sequel to A Bunny in the Oven by Saber ShadowKitten. WIP
Spike Lips! Lips of Spike! by mrmonkeybottoms
Take Heart by db2305 WIP
Touch from Your Lust by crackers4jenn
Wacky Adventures of Spike and Buffybot, The by mr monkeybottoms
Wild Things by nautibitz


Last Summer, The by anniesj
She Still Dreams by anniesj
When We Fight by fer1213

Season 5

Any Small Thing by ginmar
Changes by mustangsally78 and rivkat Sequel to Serious Moonlight
Crash by zyrya
Dancing Lessons by various authors. WIP
Dirty Little Secret by poshcat
Every Night's Another Story by crackers4jenn WIP
Heart's Filthy Lesson, The by mustangsally78 and rivkat
Honey Don't Think by anniesj
Love is Blind by Avalon
Ruination in Red, A by anniesj
Serious Moonlight by mustangsally78 and rivkat Sequel to The Heart's Filthy Lesson
Skin on Skin by nautibitz
Small Victories by poshcat
Somniloquy by gwyn_r
Spiders From Mars by mustangsally78 and rivkat Sequel to Changes
Wagering History by anniesj

Post-The Gift

Assumption by gwyn_r
Cuore Della Notte by rabid1st
Future Imperfect by cousinjean
Ghost in the Shell by apocalypsos
In Heat by nautibitz
Journeys by Mary WIP
Keeper of the Truth by dragolyn
Necessary Evils by rahirah Sequel to A Raising in the Sun
Parliament of Monsters, A by rahirah Sequel to Necessary Evils. WIP.
Raising in the Sun, A by rahirah

Season 6

Affinity by ginmar
After Dust by emg.
Away From Here series. Happiness, Sweeter Than Oranges, The Lesson of Bliss by wisteria_
Ballad of Randy and Joan, The by anniesj
Better Left Unsaid by gwyn_r
Bittersweets series by herself_nyc
Boxes and Hearts by amarella
Cartography by wisteria_
Chiaroscuro by missmurchison
Daemons Luminati by lordshiva
Dirty Back Road by thedeadlyhook Epilogue takes place post Not Fade Away.
Eight Days a Week by Avalon
Equal Opportunities by Ariana
Exquisite Corpse by d_irge and Thrombus Unfinished
Gas, Food, Lodging series. 89 Octane, Absinthe, The Last Slow Hours of Morning by wisteria_
Giving In by ColdCoffeeEyes Unfinished
Hard Candy by anniesj and wisteria_
Hardest Word, The by Ariana
I'll Fly Away by Starbaby Unfinished
Interlude from Tabula Rasa by ginmar
Into the Blue by ascian3
Just Another Night in Sunnydale by poshcat
Life in Sunnydale by spikewriter WIP
Living, The by gwyn_r
No Angel by Ariana
Peaches and Herbs by nautibitz
Photo Op by cousinjean. From the The Butterfly Effect-verse
Polka by Ariana
Reasons by Zero
Roundabout by Devil Piglet
Season Noir by eliade WIP
Season of Gold, A by gwyn_r
Super Food World by valeriex
Tabula Obscura by ginmar WIP
Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum by kallayra WIP
That Thing by nautibitz
Thrall by chase820 Unfinished
Try a Little Tenderness by Throstle
When a Man Loves a Woman by Throstle. Sequel to Try a Little Tenderness.
White Picket Fences by db2305


Bag of Bones by shadowlass
Base Elements by Limber WIP
Current Traffic Conditions As of 5:17 p.m. by wisteria_
Detour by treacle_a. Sequel to Diversion. Unfinished.
Diversion by treacle_a
Englishman Abroad, An by paratti
First Time by herself_nyc. Sequel to Lovingkindness
Giles and Spike Collection, The by ljs
Good Man, A by Ariana
Half-Gifts by automatedalice_ WIP
Here Is Gone by Terri Botta
In Giving, We Receive by Melissa Unfinished
Lovingkindness by herself_nyc. Sequel to What She Deserves
Measure of a Man, The by gwyn_r WIP
Partial Disclosure by klytaimnestra Part of a series, can be read as a standalone.
Pas de Deux by wisteria_ and Chris
Pen-Pals by treacle_a
Perfect World by cousinjean
Price for Flight, The by gwyn_r
Rising From Our Dust by mahaliem
Seven Year Slayer by db2305
Seven Years in the Desert by spikewriter WIP
Ten Thousand by wisteria_
there's a changing constellation by buffyx
Voices in the Dark by nashvillain615
Waiting Season, The by anniesj
Waking the Dead by anniesj Sequel to The Waiting Season. Unfinished.
What She Deserves by herself_nyc
When Darkness Falls by L.A. Ward and Sanguine Unfinished
Wishful Thinking by ginmar WIP
Worth a Thousand Words by kantayra
Yes by herself_nyc Sequel to First Time.

Season 7

Actions Past by db2305
Afterwhile by ascian3
Angels of the Silence by anniesj
Bang/Whimper by anniesj
Birthday Girl by Ariana
Bonfire Night by Ariana
Brief History of Now, A by gwyn_r
Canvas of His Back, The by anniesj
Chip, The by treacle_a
Choices by onetwomany Unfinished.
descant descending by macha
Down Below, The by Devil Piglet
Expedite by anniesj
Fill-in-the-Blank fics by fer1213
Fragments by onetwomany
Gentle by onetwomany
Healing Touch by Ariana
Illumination by anniesj
Incandescence by anniesj Sequel to Illumination
Kindness, A by Ariana
Leather by herself_nyc
Leaving Terra by minim_calibre
Life Uncommon, A by aliceroosevelt WIP
Lullaby by cousinjean
Offerings by onetwomany
Price is Right, The by db2305
Resolution by the_royal_anna
Rock of Ages by anniesj and wisteria_
Secret as the Grave by missmurchison
Secrets and Lies by spikewriter
Sleepover by Ariana
Slow Like Honey by ascian3
Small Mercies by ginmar
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by missmurchison
Soft What Light by gwyn_r
Something Other Than Dead by cousinjean
Still Point by lordshiva
Sweet Goodbye by ascian3
That I May Cease to Be by cousinjean
Then She Died Again by amarella
Wayward by Devil Piglet
What She Didn't Say by nashvillain615
When We Were Lovers by gwyn_r


19 Perspectives on a Resurrection by various authors. Drabble tag.
After the Flood by ascian3
Butterfly Effect, The by cousinjean
Come Undone by ladywenham WIP
Dead Leaves & the Dirty Ground by cousinjean
Disenchantment by herself_nyc
Ever After by ginmar WIP
Five Kinds of Earthquake by ascian3
French Kiss-Off, The by canadia_bit Companion Piece to Who Reflects Me
Heliotrope by gwyn_r
Her Canvas Still Follow by dtissagirl
Hers to Remember by cousinjean
Long Day's Journey by anaross WIP
Nineteen Hours by anniesj
No Mistakes by treacle_a
One by wisteria_
Possession by shadowlass. WIP
Prayers to Broken Stone by Devil Piglet
Ripples by cousinjean Sequel to The Butterfly Effect. WIP
Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The by gwyn_r Sequel to Heliotrope
Sweet Lethe by missmurchison
Who Reflects Me by canadia_bit

AtS season 5

Correspondents by wisteria_
Crossing Into Unchipped Country by db2305
Crossing Into Chipped Territory by db2305 Sequel to Crossing Into Unchipped Country
Crossing Shadow River by db2305 Sequel to Crossing Into Chipped Territory
Dead on Arrival by crackers4jenn WIP
Girl, with Questions, The by cousinjean
Greenwich Mean Time by canadia_bit
Never Leave Me by crackers4jenn WIP
Use of Memory, The by st_salieri
View of the Ocean, A by onetwomany
Why Love is Blind by wisteria_

Post-Not Fade Away

Aftermathematics by wisteria_
As the Romans Do by theohara WIP
Black Lines to Battlefields by crackers4jenn WIP
Does It Have to Mean Something? by thedeadlyhook Sequel to Dirty Back Road. WIP
Falling Debris by jenjojen WIP
Fourteen Conversations About One Thing by wisteria_
Images of You by crackers4jenn
In the End by ladywenham WIP
Making Things Right by fer1213
Merry Christmas, Mr. Bloody by db2305
Mortal Wounds by treacle_a WIP
Prophecy and Warmth by TheBear
Roman Holiday by cindergal Sequel to Slow Motion.
Slow Motion by cindergal
Something New by spikewriter WIP
Third Chances by fer1213

Alternate Universe

Crash and Burn by nautibitz WIP
Many Roads by lilyann56 Unfinished.
Summer Son by redrover1980 Unfinished.

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