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Welcome to Peroxwhy?genisis

Yours Truly...Jeff Hardy ~ Ours Truly...This Life

Jeffrey Nero Hardy
31 August
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*please note that I'm not the real Jeff Hardy nor do I know him personally. I'm just a big fan who is role-playing as him as part of a game...Situations included within the game do not reflect the life's of the real superstars...No disrespect is meant to Jeff or Beth or any other character portrayed in this game...I've made this journal Friends Only now so only members of the game can read my entries...I will add non-RPG people as long as they understand this is FAKE and for ENTERTAIMENT purposes*

Hi, I am Jeff Hardy, I am an Ex-WWE Superstar I was released from the WWE on the 22nd April 2003...I joined, what was the WWF back in 1998 (well started doing dark shows and stuff in 1994)!!!

I love wrestling, I love the adrenalin rush I get, I love to hear the crowd's reactions, I get high on it...I love to stun the crowd, I love doing daring, risk-taking moves, at the end of the day, the fans have paid for a good show - I intend to give them that!!!

I also love music...I have my own band called Peroxwhy?gen along with my best friend Shannon and some guys from a band called Burnside 6

I stand at about 6'2" and about 218lbs, I have blonde hair but I love to dye it...It's been everything from rainbow colored (Hence the Skittles nickname) to blue, purple, red, green....you name it, I've been it!!!

As well as getting in a wrestling ring and kicking ass, and singing, I love to sit and write poetry (Emoetry) and sculpt, people find this hard to believe because I can't sit still for long =P...Viggo Mortensen is a huge inspiration to me, as is Marc Bolan (R.I.P)

The Best advice I was ever given was "The extreme ALWAYS makes an impression"

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Welcome to Peroxwhy?genisis ~ My World ~ My Words

High Flying, High Wild


Inside a bubble...that somebody blew...I am the wall that you see through.
Away from space...I'm trapped inside...There is no room...no room to hide.
Inside a star...that everybody sees...They see the sparkle but can't see me.
Away from land...I'm trapped inside...I'm sorry I did it...sorry I lied.
Inside a song...that nobody hears...It's only me...wet from tears.
Away from grace...I'm trapped inside...I'm floating away to the other side.
Inside a world... that you created...I've left this world...myself has faded.
Away from love...I'm trapped inside...I'm held from holding...my body's died.
Inside my soul...that you reach through...I am the ghost that stays with you.
Away from them...I watch you sleep...I visit your dreams...in peace so deep.
Inside a bubble...that somebody blew...I am your angel...That somebody is you.
Hide away...Fly away...Inside away.
Strengths: Living for the Moment, Daring to be different, Existing 2 Inspire, Speaking my mind, Being a free spirit, Passionate, Hard-working, Never giving up on a dream
Weaknesses: Not trusting or trusting too much, Believing there is good in everyone, Dependent on Matt, Searching for my haven in a perfect world, Fear of change
Special Skills: Emoetry, Art, Wrestling, Dirt Biking, Being Unique, Reading people's expressions, Sculpting
Weapons: Words...yet silence, Quick-thinking cat-like swiftness, Innocense, Free Spirited
If You're Lost For Words:
If you're lost for words.....Become found for actions.... If you're lost in life...Become found with reactions.... Stop searching for who you are...and remember where it started.... You are a flight in motion...Soaring since departed... Words are a puzzle that will never be completed.....? Yours Truly....Jeff Hardy Ours Truly....This Life

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matthardyxtreme My Big Brother Matt, he is my role model, my inspiration and my best friend

jason_reso Jay Jay...I love this guy, he is WWE's very own Christian...he is my baby *kisses Jay*

ac_edge_wwe Adam, I love this dude...better know as Edge, he is so cool, a great man, great personality and the cutest godamn grin ever

blonde_bombshel Trish Stratus, I love this chick...my 2nd top Diva in the WWE...she can totally kick ass...she has come so far with her wrestling skills...Stratus-faction Guaranteed!!!

_amydumas_ Amy Dumas...better known simply as Lita...this extreme diva rocks it hardcore, one of my best friends, I love her to bits...

shane_helms_wwe Shane Helms...The Hurri-Shane...Childhood friend of Matt and I, we played togehter, trained together and now work together, I love this guy!!!

shannon_moore Shannon Moore...My life long best friend

y2jchris_irvine The The Ayatolla of Rock 'n' Rolla...Chris Jericho/Moongoose McQueen...Fellow Wrestler, and rival Rock Star...J/K Fozzy (his band) Rock it!!!

the_phenom_mc Mark Calloway...This guy is a legend in the WWE!!! Better known as the Undertaker...he has been kicking ass in WWE since 1990...It would be impossible to sum his greatness up in a few words...He really is the Phenom, the Deadman, the Badass of the WWE!!! It really is his Yard!!!

blk_rd_flmes_gj Glenn Jacobs...Better known simply as Kane...or the Big Red Machine...He is an amazing athlete and also has degrees in English and Teaching!!! I love this dude

I support OMEGA for life!!!

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