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Writer's Block: Venting

What's the most annoying thing that happened to you this week?

Well I started my new job at the community college on Tuesday. On Wednesday I talked to my boss, and she was very upset. Here the college board may be making my job full time in July. So what that means is that anyone in the college can bid on the job. If someone with more seniority than me wants it, that means I'm out on my a$$.

I'm not going to worry about it too much though. There might be another job opening within the college that I can just slide into--at least that's my hope. So far I really like it. It's a very nice working atmosphere, and the girls seem very nice. So I hope I can stay.

Writer's Block: Left Behind

What do you want done with your body after you die?

I always said I wanted to be cryogenically frozen, and brought back at some time in the future. (When maybe I wouldn't be considered so much of a weirdo. lol) But seeing that cryogenics takes thousands and thousands of dollars a year, I would leave it up to my family what they want to do with me. I won't be around to know the difference anyway. lol I def don't want a big, long drawn-out funeral with a viewing--that is just too torturous for people. If they want to have a small simple ceremony, that would be okay though.
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Writer's Block: So Long, Farewell

It's the last day in office for George Bush. There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about Bush's legacy. What do you think he will be most remembered for?

Getting this country into a never-ending war for no good reason, and taking the economy into the dirt.

On the plus side, he did help me out with my student loans with that new IBR stuff.