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Today was one of those days from hell at work. I was learning a new computer system at the agency, and I accidentally entered an extra "5" into one of the sheets. Well evidentally if you fuck up, it's a big headache trying to fix it! I mean who the hell ever heard of a computer system where you cannot go in and fix your mistakes?? Amazing.

I saw two full time job openings, both at schools. One was for a Secretary at MC3, the other is for a Career Center Advisor at Empire Beauty School. I really need to start thinking of getting a full time job with benefits. Or something with benefits, so I'm going to apply for both these jobs and see what happens.

So I figure I'll either get into the LPN school, or I'll find a decent paying job and not have to do the school thing anymore. Either way it will work out. But I really have to start making more money in this world, starting yesterday.

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