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Well I got the part time job at the local community college. I'm going to stay on at the agency part time at least for now. I called the LPN school and I'm still being considered for the fall class. Now the challenge will be to get funding in order to go. I will prob have to take on about $10,000 more debt. I guess I still have 20 years at least to work to pay it off, but I'm already $62,000 in the hole from my credit cards and Bachelor Degree loans. Wish I knew what to do...

Now I have to figure out this whole health insurance mess. Trust me, it was not worth staying at the agency for their piss-poor health insurance. But since I will be working two part time jobs, I won't have coverage at least for now. I could get a promotion at the college though, but it won't be for a while.

My whole life is in flux right now, causing me a great deal of stress.....

I think my co-workers are pissed at me, but oh well. The college is growing big time, and the agency is losing money hand over fist. It was getting way too stressful, and I've been living on migraine pills for months. Something had to give, ya know???
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