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Junk TV

Okay so lately I cannot get my fill of this junk TV that has been on.

Daisy of Love--OMG such a train wreck but so awesome. This will be the best one of these shows for sure. I hate to say it, but I really hope 12-Pack wins. I think he is really into Daisy, and he seems like the best of a bad lot.

And am I the only one who would take on all three of those Triplets?? Yummy! (Oh come on, it would be a kick just once!)

Tough Love is another great show. Jodie is my favorite, probably because she is around my age. Are Shaine and her the cutest couple ever or what?? I liked how he came and stood right by her side during that whole dramatic fight with Jacqueline. He's a keeper!

And Aryan--first off her family has to be a bunch of racists with a name like that. Second of all, her mom is just plain trashy. I really hope Aryan pulls herself together, but I doubt it.

I Love Money 2--this one I don't watch too much, just once in a while if it's on. OMG though--if It turns out to really be a super-genius, I would die laughing.

Rock of Love Bus--Bret Michaels is a super-idiot for not picking Mindy. Of course those girls are super-idiots for going on that show in the first place. Is he going to be still doing the Rock of Love thing when he is 60? If he is, the girls will probably still be 20-something.
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