January 4th, 2008

Hair disasters and other stuff

Things just don't go my way sometimes. I have tried to cut my bangs many times in the past, and 9 times out of 10 I end up fucking them up. Well the other night was no exception. I cut my bangs uneven, and then I tried to straighten them out. Eventually I ended up with bangs that were waaaaaay too short, and didn't blend with the rest of my hair at all.

So today I went to the hairdresser to have the whole mess evened out. I lied and told her that "a friend" cut my hair--I was too embarassed to tell her I did it myself. lol She ended up cutting half my gd hair off just to make it look half decent. It's not real short or anything, but shorter than I'm used to.

Well I went outside, looked in the mirror of my car and started crying. I swear I looked like a 50 year old woman or something. So I went to buy a bottle of hair dye to make myself at least look my own age again. lol

It's a different look, that's for sure. But hey, it's only hair, it grows back, right??

In other news, it looks like I might have to start looking for other employment yet again. Things are kind of slowing down at my temp job. I only worked 10 hours this week, partially because they are remodelling the department. But I knew from the beginning it was just a temporary thing, so life goes on.
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