Today was one of those days from hell at work. I was learning a new computer system at the agency, and I accidentally entered an extra "5" into one of the sheets. Well evidentally if you fuck up, it's a big headache trying to fix it! I mean who the hell ever heard of a computer system where you cannot go in and fix your mistakes?? Amazing.

I saw two full time job openings, both at schools. One was for a Secretary at MC3, the other is for a Career Center Advisor at Empire Beauty School. I really need to start thinking of getting a full time job with benefits. Or something with benefits, so I'm going to apply for both these jobs and see what happens.

So I figure I'll either get into the LPN school, or I'll find a decent paying job and not have to do the school thing anymore. Either way it will work out. But I really have to start making more money in this world, starting yesterday.
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Sooo my vocal lessons resume this Friday, as my vocal teacher is now out of the hospital. I was debating whether to continue with them due to money issues. But you know, it gives me something else to focus on besides my miserable love life. And it makes me feel as if I'm taking small steps toward achieving my dreams.

Still no word as to when the LPN test is going to be held. Part of me wishes that I would have gone on June 3rd. Then another part of me thinks that if I get a full time job at the college, that I won't even bother going back to school.
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Writer's Block: Venting

What's the most annoying thing that happened to you this week?

Well I started my new job at the community college on Tuesday. On Wednesday I talked to my boss, and she was very upset. Here the college board may be making my job full time in July. So what that means is that anyone in the college can bid on the job. If someone with more seniority than me wants it, that means I'm out on my a$$.

I'm not going to worry about it too much though. There might be another job opening within the college that I can just slide into--at least that's my hope. So far I really like it. It's a very nice working atmosphere, and the girls seem very nice. So I hope I can stay.
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Tattoos and work

Interesting discussion on another board--what is your view on tattoos in the workplace? More and more people are getting tattoos removed, in order to have a better shot at getting a job.

I can mostly cover my tattoos when I have to, but depending on clothing, they might peek out a bit. I think my tattoos have maybe prevented me from getting one job. But truthfully, I don't think I would have been happy with that job anyway.

Would I get them removed to go work for some stuffy corporation? Not on your life, recession or no recession.

I guess I'm lucky though, because in this town tattoos are common. I have heard that there is A LOT of prejudice elsewhere against tattooed people. Hell, even a family doctor in this town has a huge tattoo on her back--an awesome dragon!
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As usual I managed to totally fuck myself over. As many of you know, I really have been majorly stressed at my job. So I got a new job, and I am cutting back to part time the end of this month. I was under the impression that I could go back on Matt's health plan on September 1.

Well Matt called and now I can't go on his plan till January 1st! Some stupid bull shit about the group number changing or whatever. What a bunch of shit! So I'm basically screwed now with health insurance.

I suppose I could talk to my boss about staying on full time, but as Matt said, "How long do you really think you'll be able to take it?" Plus now they know I'm looking for another job, and they'll be watching me like a hawk. No fucking thanks.

I applied for an individual plan, but I'm afraid I'm gonna be turned down. Or else they will charge me out the nose. We'll see tho. This just sucks since I really cannot be without health insurance with my pre-existing conditions. A Cobra will cost me $400 per month, and that will be hard for me to afford.

I seriously hope I get into school soon, and can get the funding. I am so tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Even with a Bachelors Degree, I have yet to make $25,000 a year in my life. And I have a mountain of debts. Wish I could just get a damn do-over....
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Well I got the part time job at the local community college. I'm going to stay on at the agency part time at least for now. I called the LPN school and I'm still being considered for the fall class. Now the challenge will be to get funding in order to go. I will prob have to take on about $10,000 more debt. I guess I still have 20 years at least to work to pay it off, but I'm already $62,000 in the hole from my credit cards and Bachelor Degree loans. Wish I knew what to do...

Now I have to figure out this whole health insurance mess. Trust me, it was not worth staying at the agency for their piss-poor health insurance. But since I will be working two part time jobs, I won't have coverage at least for now. I could get a promotion at the college though, but it won't be for a while.

My whole life is in flux right now, causing me a great deal of stress.....

I think my co-workers are pissed at me, but oh well. The college is growing big time, and the agency is losing money hand over fist. It was getting way too stressful, and I've been living on migraine pills for months. Something had to give, ya know???
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