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Impromptu Chili
with Love.
1 can pinto beans
1 can light red kidney beans
1 can corn, bellbepper, whatever side-dish thing
1T, 1t chili pepper
some asian salt
some paprika
one bigass tomato from your highschool Engligh teacher's farm (i.e. Mrs. Gibson), diced
one pkg soft tofu (though, I think I should have used extra-firm...but we'll see in 6 hours), diced

Mix all that crap in a crock pot and set it for slow cook. It smells good, and I'm sure it'll taste good, but I'm not so sure the texture will be right. I'll report back after dinnertime.

Serve over awesome rice made by me.

EDIT: Add about 2T more of chili powder (totalling to about 3T, 1T). You should drain half the liquid that the beans were in...mine was a bit watery. I didn't have tomato paste in the cabinets, so add some of that (it'll help add flavor, too). The soft tofu was ok, but if you want more texture, go with extra-firm. Salt and pepper to taste.

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dude mrs. gibson was so cool. she used to talk about how she wanted to have a southern farm and grow peaches and drink mint juleps on the porch.

jeanna, what kind of yankke concoction was that? not chile.

try getting rid of the tofu, and the CORN. corn does NOT go in chile. substitute some low fat lean ground beef.sorry, but use real tomatoes in pasta sauce. use the tomato sauce here. more chile powder. and add a BEER. no, that isn't me being male. the beer actually does improve the flavor. most people put in a bud, but i go upscale with a bottle of michelob.

and substitute real chili pepper for the bell pepper.

oh and get rid of the beans too. we only actually add beans to the chile we serve to yankees as a filler. y'all don't know any better. real chile has no beans.

i like to cheat sometimes and just add a ton o red pepper right to the mix.

and if it's too watery, just boil it down.

and salt to taste.

mlah (http://mlah.us)

we only actually add beans to the chile we serve to yankees as a filler

What are you, Mexican?

Also, i was using what I had in the house. So...dont get on me for ingredients.

ok, i can give you a bye on the ingredients. i've had to cook with what i already had before as well.

someday i'll make you a real batch o chile.

mlah (http://mlah.us)

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