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Time to make changes!
with Love.
 Sigh. Watching Vegas 7's on TV makes me really upset that I didn't do well enough to be selected for this year's USA Women's Rugby 7's squad. :( 

New start! Tomorrow, I'm seeing a sports dietitian, and I'm looking into joining the Parisi Speed School so that I can get faster. Out of 60 players at the camp I went to last month, I've come in the latter half of the pack on speed. Thankfully, I was top 10 in pushups, situps, plank, and a (horrible) drill called "The Death Flop". Just got to get back my speed that I lost after injuring my ankle at a stupid fucking game last spring at a game that didn't count towards anything. 

R.I.P. Herman - I loved you in less than 2 hours
with Love.
 So... I just dropped $300 for a kitten that I never got to bring home and call my own :(

I was working in P.G. County near the Washington, D.C. border looking for trees, and I saw a little kitten shivering while mama looked on. I think the mother exiled baby kitty because she was sick (respiratory infection). I walked away and continued working. Then, I walked back to see if kitty was will there, and there she was...shivering some more. Mommy was gone, so I walked up to the little one, and she scampered off a little bit. 

So, I did some more work, and I heard the kitten crying for its mother. No cats came out to get her, so I do think the mother tried to abandon her. After a while, I tried to convince my coworker to let me take the kitten to the vet, because I KNOW this little one was "the one". I even named her in desperation to make it seem like I needed to get this kitten out of the cold. Herman. Herman was the first thing that came to my mind for a small torti GIRL kitten. Whatever, it worked, and I was on my way to save this baby from pain and suffering forever!!!

Took her to the vet near the office, and she had ear mites, severe dehydration, and needed a dewormer. She god blood tests, and so we left the vet to go pick her up in about an hour. After lunch, I was so excited to pick up Herman (the German) that I cleaned up an old pet carrier I found in the warehouse, cleaned it, and shoved a nice blanket inside. I thought about what types of collars I would get for her and what kind of ID tag I'd have engraved for her. I thought about going to the store and buying a litter box, kitten food, toys, soft blankets, heat pads, brushes, etc. etc. 

I arrived to the vet's and the vet tech said, "I have not so good news. Unfortunately your kitten tested positive for feline leukemia." My heart sank. "Now, you can take the kitten home and see how she progresses, or you can...".

Obviously, I had no choice but to put her down. I don't want her to have a bad quality of life that may include seizures and cancer. When I said, "I think it's best so that I won't get too attached." I started to feel myself crying but held it together. I said thanks, and then asked to see her one last time. We walked back into the kennels, and there she was...sleeping in the corner of the kennel on a heating pad. She was sound asleep. Warm and safe.

It hurts so much to recall this. I get so attached to animals, it's unreal. How long can I cry about a kitten that I've only known for 4 hours? I loved her, and I wanted her to be MINE. Lola gave me a hug when I got home. I don't want to go to the gym tonight. I'm too drained from today. I can't help but feel like she really could have been a great addition to the little family I have going on. 

...still crying like a baby...

with Love.
 New shoes without toes!!!! 


OMGZOMGZOMGZ I want I want I want. 

P.S. Merry Belated Christmas!

"Diet" problems...COOKIESSSSS
with Love.
 So, I thought at the beginning of December, that I'd eat almost completely paleo (with the exception of the splash of milk in my coffee every morning). That came to a halt ON THE FIRST DAY when my mom came home with delicious Pretzel M&Ms. For 5 days in a row, I'd gobble them up so quickly, that I wouldn't be hungry anymore. That's right...I had Pretzel M&Ms for dinner 5 nights in a row. 

Needless to say, I got a bit chubtastic around my love handle area. 

So, I made an agreement with myself two nights ago when I was half-assing the whole paleo thing. I had TWO butter croissants that my mom bought. They didn't taste that good. I will try HARDER and stop being such a weak-willed buttface on this whole paleo thing. It's not the paleo that's the problem. It's the fact that there is delicious junk food everywhere in the house. Kevin eats junk, too which doesn't help!

Anyhow, I started very hard because of my recent invitation to a USA Rugby evaluation camp next month. Basically everyone in the Eagles 15s and 7s pools were invited...so we'll see what to make of this. I believe my performance suffers when I eat like crap...I'll take all the advantages I can get since I'm still at the VERY bottom of the USA 7s totem pole. 

Reminder to myself: don't eat junk. Don't eat ANY bread product. Don't eat candy. Don't eat the cookies that my mom just made (Unfortunately, it's too late for that ship has sailed. At least they were merely the Pillsbury brand, and they weren't very tasty.) . It's ok not to follow paleo to its strictest: dark chocolate in super duper moderation, greek yogurt and milk are allowed. 

Can I make it until January 14th-17th to not eat grains (including corn), potatoes (besides sweet), cookies, cakes, pies, stuffing, etc? Well, Ok. On Christmas day, I am allowed my mom's stuffing. That's it. No non-paleo dessert allowed. I'll make my own pie or have a greek yogurt or something. But, I know I just can't give up mom's stuffing. 

DIY Protein Shake suggested by Jen Sinkler
with Love.
  • egg white protein powder
  • superfood mix (purple or green)
  • berries
  • chia seeds
  • almond milk

High Heels, O'Malley, and HCl
with Love.
 1. I know this crazy-ass girl. I've played rugby with her for about 2 years, and I have come a long way from hating her. She's endearing - almost! You really can change your opinion of a person after a bad first (and second.... and third) impression. Most women rugby players know who I am talking about. Ida Bernstein is one of the most fascinating people that I've met. I tried to understand her, but I gave up a while ago and just embraced her for who she is...insane!!!! 

This morning in Central Park in NYC, Ida B. won the 2010 High-Heel-A-Thon, a 150 yard sprint in at least 3.5" heels. She DOVE HEAD FIRST INTO THE ASPHALT and won a Volkswagon Jetta and $10,000. Not bad.

Congrats, Ida. You're bat-shit crazy, but I love you! 

2. O'Mally et. al. took A THIRD OF MY PAYCHECK?!!! I barely get paid over minimum wage. So hats off to you, O. You suck hardcore, and I won't be voting for someone who is taking all the money that I don't have.

3. Princeton Varsity Strength Coach Angie Brambley suggested on her facebook that not chewing enough and low stomach acid contributes to low protein absorption by the body, looking/feeling bloated after eating, farting (OMGZOMGZ!!!), bad breath, and constipation. Well, well, well. Let me tell you that I've been chewing for longer and taking HCl pills with pepsin (an enzyme that contributes to the breakdown of proteins) for the past two days. Result! Not to be gross or giving you too much info, but I have gone #2 in the past 48 hours than I have in the past 2 and a half weeks! That's how infrequent I have been going for years!!!!!!!! I'm excited to continue taking the HCl and pepsin pills to see how I can keep on "going". I am also much less grumpy! (Except for the whole taxes thing!)

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with Love.
 Kevin and I celebrated my birthday by going to brunch at Carroll's Creek in Eastport. 

We went to Petsmart for fun (and doggies), and I was able to witness the most beautiful thing in the world: Puppy obedience training graduation!!!!! Complete with Pomp and Circumstance blasting on the boom box. 
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I never thought I'd get an invite again!!!
with Love.
Even though this is considered a "beginner's camp", I'll take what I can get. I'm still iffy on the skills, so I'm happy to be in this type of situation where I'm not intimidated haha. Thing is, USA Rugby loves to take my money!!! With the fee and plane tix, that's about $800!!! :( At least I'll get to see what Santa Barbara looks like!

Dear Jeanna:
The purpose of this correspondence is to formally invite you, on behalf of USA Rugby, to participate in a three-day trial session for the USA Women’s 7’s program and team. The camp will be held at the UCSB Facility in Santa Barbara, California from July 8-11, 2010.
The theme of this training camp is:
  1.  Understanding the Game of 7's
  2.  Fitness standards required for international 7's
  3.  Skill-set required to perform at an Elite Level
  4.  Primary Attacking and Defensive Techniques / Patterns
  5.  Intra-squad Competition
We will forward a comprehensive plan for the camp once acceptances have been confirmed. We expect full participation if the invite is accepted. This includes incidental contact and contact sessions including live scrimmages. A physiotherapist will be in attendance.
Kellie Cavalier is the Team Manager and will be the primary contact person for this event. All emails should be addressed to Kellie at USARugby7sManager@gmail.com. For this camp, players will be responsible for a fee of not more than $225 as well as round-trip transportation to Santa Barbara.

Please confirm that you have received this invitation ASAP. We will need to hear a final confirmation of your attendance no later than 5pm EDT, Monday June 7, 2010.

In closing, we would be pleased and honored if you accept this invitation.

Yours sincerely,
Ric Suggitt
Head Coach USA Women’s Eagles 7’s

How sick nasty are these girls?!?!
with Love.
My inspirations!!!

Burning Question
with Love.
Do ugly people find other ugly people (i.e. their ugly girlfriend)  physically attractive, or do they just know that other ugly people are in their league, and normal looking people are out of their league?

This is a long sentence, but this brings up the point of eye of the beholder.