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I have little to no actual knowledge about the uses of photoshop, other than what I've taught myself. But I like playing with it, so I make icons when I'm bored. When my icon making took up so much room that every other lj post was just icons (over at telcontar_ii), I decided to fix it by making an icon only journal. Since then, I've also been using this journal for interaction with various lj communities. That, my friends, is the story of my life... only without the life part.


1. I take requests, but the time in which I fulfill them depends upon how much real life work I have.

2. I credit images when people ask me to, but if I forget I am very sorry. If you think I used an image of yours for one of my icons, please let me know. If it is indeed from you, I will immediately credit you.

Unless otherwise stated, these icons are for everyone to use. There are three rules:

1. Always credit _jc_icons_ in the keywords.

2. Please comment if you take any.

3. I would prefer it if you didn't hotlink them, but it's not a demand.

4. Please don't make me feel too bad about myself if you don't like one.

Please enjoy.

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I have been sorted at hogwartsishome.

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