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The words are out of ink

Hit the bottom to escape

18 August
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  • Agent Jazbeck
There's nothing too deep to put in here, I'm an overly sarcastic 18 year old with some anxiety issues and very little patience for dumbasses and walking stereotypes. But after you get past the selective asshole exterior, there's something of a nice guy in there... or I hope it's still there, haven't checked in a while.

The thing is, I hate a lot more things than I like, I'm a living contradiction, but I guess that's humanity's most important characteristic, being anti-social but wanting the best for everyone around you, being intellectual but enjoying insane humour nobody gets.

I really dunno what else I'll put in here so I'll make a list of the shizen I hate and don't dislike

- drug users
- alcoholics
- smokers who don't respect personal space
- United Slaves of America
- Lies
- Punk music from the last 5 years
- most (if not all) hip hop, R&b, rap shizen.
- Elitists
- Racists
- Politics
- War
- Forced religion
- Whoever gets in the way/hurts any of my loved ones
- cars (actually, traffic)

- Films
- Radiohead
- The Matrix
- Rage Against the Machine
- Led Zeppelin
- Fight Club
- M. Night Shyamalan movies
- Art
- film making
- Design
- Writing
- Hope
- Rain
- stupid_thing

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