Soundtrack Meme.

My Movie Soundtrack

Opening Credits: (Zbigniew Preisner - Marionettes)
Waking Up: (Fiona Apple - Sullen Girl)
Falling in Love: (Nelly Furtado - I'm like a Bird)
Fight scene: (Korn - Thoughtless)
Breaking up: (Stabbing Westward - What do I have to do)
Getting back together: (Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear the Reaper)
Secret Love: (DeVision - Your Hands On My Skin)
Life's okay: (Zbigniew Preisner - The Secret Garden)
Mental breakdown: (Suicide Commando - Body Count Proceed)
Driving: (Poe - Hey Pretty)
Flashback: (Gary Jules - Mad World)
Partying: (Waldorf - You're my Disco)
Regretting: (Radiohead - Karma Police)
Long night alone: (VNV Nation - Legion)
Death scene: (Tom Petty - Mary Janes Last Dance)
Ending credits: (Dave Matthews - Gravedigger)

Collapse )

That took up way too much time! If anyone would like a copy of Jackie's soundtrack burnt, please let me know. (at least then I won't feel too stupid for wasting so much time on this!)

Strange little hair clips.

These were so fun to make.. I think I will make more. Do you guys think they would sell? And what would be a good price for them?

I think you were all right about the sinus infection. Today I took my temp and I have a fever and also a stuffy nose. I've been burning up all day long. I'm going to bed in a few and before I do I will take the 9th shower I've taken today. I hate feeling clamy. Yuck.


I'm trying my luck with Etsy again.. New doll up on Etsy along with 4 others listed super cheap. Buy anything before Wednesday the 31st and get free US shipping! I have too many dolls sitting on my shelf awaiting homes.. they just need to go!

Zombie Nurse.

What a cliche! But I wanted to make her anyways.. so bite me!

She is made of the usual. I probably got red paint everywhere splattering it on her, but oh well. I still have a migraine. I have had this friggin thing for over a week now. I better not get stabbed anytime soon because over the last week I've taken half a bottle of aspirin and I'm betting my blood is quite thin. I'm tired. I feel bitchy. I hate being a girl!

Speaking of stabbing.. I watched Wolf Creek last night. I actually enjoyed it. It reminded me of the "horror" in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Doll fest.

The more I think about it, it would be impossible for me to organize something so huge in only a years time. (at least by myself) I am going to start off with a local event and see if that even has some nibbles. I also am going to broaden the qualifiers. I wanted it to be dolls, dolls, dolls.. but truth be told.. there are not enough of us to create a huge event. I am going to try and create a market/fair kinda thing towards "dark and unconventional art." I still want there to be workshops and what have you.. I basically don't want to create something that people have to pay a lot for to attend. The people who choose to sell at the event will have to pay the normal fees for a booth, table etc. If anyone is doing a workshop they will have to pay for the room in which they will be doing the workshop. I want the event to be open to the public. The public will have to pay a minimal fee of like 4 bucks.. which is what I usually pay at all the art fairs I go to. The people coming who are going to the workshops will have to buy a ticket to the persons class before the day (be registered) and that money will go to the person doing the class. ( I would love to rent that place as they have the open area which would be great for the vending and private rooms to the side which would be perfect for classes. It would be about 3,500 to rent the venue for one day. (8+ hours) The venue can house 98 8x10 tables. Hmm.. so much to think about. I realize a lot of people won't travel all the way to Florida for this but I was thinking.. if you are unable to come, you can send me postcards, business cards, stickers, buttons etc. I will make up bags/envelopes for those attending. I guess they would be passed out at the door. Everyone loves free stuff and might see something that sparks their interest and check out your shop online etc. I still need help with this. I'll still need people to spread the word and help me get things like business cards and whatnot. Anyways.. I have things to do.

A dollie fest.

So, I was thinking.. (which sometimes can be a scary thing) there are all these different types of fests for art, but none for dolls. None that I know of, at least. I looked on google and all I got was a fest that stopped happening in 2002 which was for porcelain dolls. All us doll makers should start a doll fest. I have no idea where we could hold it each year, but I'm certain someone knows a good place. If anyone is on board with this idea, let me know and we can start talking about it more and perhaps in 2007 there will be a doll fest to wear your pretty party dress to!

I have had a migraine for a week straight.. it needs to go away! I have been such a terrible bitch because of it. I feel bad for Joe.

The life and times of a 16 year old girl.

Hahahahaha! Man, I was lame! I was obsessed with Korn and an asshole named Gabe. Yeah, I was one of those pathetic teens with an "internet boyfriend." But hey, it kept me a good girl till I was 17! ;) I still think Jonathan Davis is hot. I'll go cry in a dark corner.

3 New Dolls.

Dr. Graf | May 2006

I posted 3 new dolls available for sale on my website @
Livejournal friends get free shipping! (also I'll accept payments, I know how it is to want something and only have 10 bucks at any given time)

Joe and I went to go see the movie 'Over the Hedge' tonight. We didn't really want to see it but considering the horrible selection of movies it is what we chose. I liked it though. It was a really cute movie. We walked around downtown for a little bit looking for a place to eat but most places were closed. I don't understand why downtown closes up before 5 on a saturday.

To go to bed, or to get some clay under my nails? To be continued...

Kidnap Meme

Take from dianawolf
5 People (Real or Fictional) You'd Like To Be Kidnapped By

5. Steve Buscemi (as Mr. Pink)
4. Adrian Brody
3. Ryan Gosling
2. Der Graf (singer of Unheilig)
1. Jonathan Davis (yeah, I know.. I'm lame! But I have had a crush on him since I was a 12 year old girl when I first heard of Korn. That's a 10 year crush!)

Doll for Sale

Ugly Shyla | May 2006

I made this doll as a gift for uglyshyla, but she said go ahead and sell it since dolls take forever to make and I'm in need of some extra cash.

Doll Description: 16 inches tall. Made with Super Sculpey which has been hand sculpted, baked & sanded. Doll has been painted w/acrylic paints and then sealed. Doll clothes have been machine sewn and are a mix of fabrics. Doll has full armature so you can pose it however you desire. Doll has blue synthetic hair. The small doll is included but the chair is not. The small doll has also been handmade.

I wanted to sell her for 50 dollars but I'm broke so I'll take less. If you are a livejournal friend, I'll give you free shipping. :)