Jacquelyn (_jax_) wrote,

a comparable pair.

(click for a larger photo)

The picture you see above is Mr. Gordon Stark and a doll I made for him. The doll is of course supposed to look like him. Some of you might know that I do home health and that I was Gordon's caregiver for a month while he was here with his wife on vacation. I am going to miss both of them so much! I didn't feel like I was working one single day I was there. Gordon and I went to museums, antiquing etc. Gordon, his wife Sammie and I went to MOSI at the beginning of the week to see the exhibit, BODIES. It was so incredible. Gordon is a man that has led a very colorful life including being a retired stockbroker, an ex marine who fought in World War 2 and a very talented artist. My last month of work has spoiled me indefinitely.

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