Jacquelyn (_jax_) wrote,

Mail is love.

I got a lovely package from nua_rua today. I loved everything! I especially love the little maroon purse/bag. Did you make that yourself? I have been needing a makeup purse forever and it will be perfect for that. It will always have a home in my big green messenger bag! She sent me another chocolate bar but Joe devoured it in 2 seconds flat. Thank you so much sweetie. I was having a bummer day after some bad news and this totally perked me up. (sorry for the horrible photo)

Be honest - do my constant photo posts drive you all up the wall? I always worry they do.

I think Joe and I are going to Gasparilla tomorrow. It's like Mardi Gras but with Pirates.. just in case you're wondering.

Anyone know of any good places to plug your sales/art? I have a ton of LJ communities added, but just in case send me those links too.. and especially places outside livejournal. Thanks!


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