June 13th, 2006

Blah blah blah

I could talk about the last week in detail but that would be boring. I'll just quickly sum it all up! Joe and I had his 13 year old sister staying with us last week and while he was at work I took his sister shopping and the like. One of the last days she was here we went to Fort Desotos North Beach. It was so beautiful there. We swam, had mud fights and attempted to make a sand castle with no tools which turned into giant sand boobs! We also collected some of the prettiest shells. I think I might have a new favorite place. I just hope after all this rain from this tropical storm that the beach won't be all nasty for when I go back on the 24th.

Sunday Joe and I relaxed and got dinner at a little mom and pop italian restaurant. I don't actually like italian but earlier in the day he brought me home roses.. so I didn't want to argue on the restaurant choice.

My allergic reaction has cleared up so now I will start to use super sculpey again.. and if it comes back.. well, we know what that means!

These are what I was up to last week.

Speaking of hair clips.. _boxinghelena, your hair clips went out the other day and they are the little vamp girls pictured! :)

I think I'm gonna make some bunny hoodoos tonight. I have a craving to use the vintage buttons Joe's grandma sent me. They are sooo old and amazing. They were her mother and grandmothers buttons. They range from 50-100 years old.