May 8th, 2006

Camels smell really bad.

Dear the_mollisher & tuatha242,

Your dolls are finally finished and will be on their way home to you both tomorrow. I hope you really like them and I apologize for the length of time they took me to complete. I have photos for you, the_mollisher. They are of your doll in her various parts but I haven't the battery power to juice up my digital camera. I'd steal batteries from the remote or my toys.. haha, but I have already done that and they are too weak to work my camera. I will get some batteries tomorrow and send those photos to you asap.

My mom, Joe and his mom all went to Lowry Park Zoo yesterday. It was 3 dollar day. It was PACKED! I got a little bit of a sunburn but overall I had a good time. I took a ton of photos but have to get my pictures developed. I used one of those one time things that I got at the gift shop. They had a baby elephant there and it was so adorable! It was only about 3 feet high but the people at the park said he already weighs in at over 500 lbs. Crazy!

I've actually had a bit of free time off of the two jobs and I've been busy working on art. I have missed it soooo much. I finally got off my tushy and joined deviantart. If you have an account leave a link so I can add you. I'm happily located at