April 20th, 2006

What a wonderful week.

I've been sick the last few days with the stomach flu, which was bad enough considering I have still been going to work.. but today while taking care of a blind man with a seeing eye dog.. I was bit by a dog while in Petsmart. I was not bit by my clients dog but another mans dog who was next to me. I spent my afternoon trying to find out if the dog is current on his rabies vaccine which animal control still has not gotten back to me about.. and going to the ER. The dog bit my hand and it really hurts. I've never been afraid of dogs before now. I doubt I'll be asking to pet strange dogs anymore because I scare easily. I'm an extremely paranoid person who from this point on is going to think every dog I see wants to eat my face off. The dog bit my left hand. I can't tell you how long this is taking to type considering that I am using just one hand. Cross your fingers that the dog is up to date with his shots because I dread getting those series of needles to the stomach.