April 17th, 2006

a long update of no worth.

First, I want to apologize to anyone who is still waiting on a custom doll. I have been very busy working 60 hours a week between 2 jobs.. and sometimes, I even have to remember to breathe. (soon, I promise.. as dolls are all limbs laying in my craft area)

So what have I been up to lately? I work 40 hours a week for a company called Home Instead doing home care for seniors. I enjoy it but I have to admit at times it can be exhausting. I'm also working 20 hours a week for Joe's boss doing secretarial work. (typing, filing, calling and whatever needs to be done) I work Monday through Saturday and on Sunday I catch up with laundry and housework. I wish someone would have told me being an adult isn't as much fun as it sounds! After April the 30th I will be working less hours and have more time to work on art again. Until then.. I'll take a long breath and hope it lasts. I actually stayed home today since the people who I work for on Mondays did not need me today. I really needed today to myself anyways.. Last day for taxes and all that nonsense.

I finally got the nerve to clean out Chloe's cage that had sat there vacant for 5 days.. I'd like to get another hamster but I don't need the responsibility. I barely have time to see my dog and for that I feel guilty enough.

As I was saying.. right now I am working for Home Instead and on Mondays through Wednesdays and Friday and Saturdays I am working for the same wife and husband. They are here on vacation and I will miss them when they leave on the 30th. I take care of just the husband who is in the beginning stages of Dementia. He has painted all his life and is an amazing artist and a retired stockbroker. Friday he and I went to the Dali museum. It was my first time going and his 7th. He told me so much about the artist who I had otherwise not known much about. I never realized how many of Dalis paintings were optical illusions. I had a nice time. The last room of the gallery had some photos of Dali as a young man. I don't know what it is about pale men with large noses.. but they always get me, and especially if they are tall. Just for the record.. I find no attraction to Dali as an older man.

Yesterday was Easter and for the first time in my life I was the one who cooked dinner. Joe and I had just his mother and 13 year old sister over to our apartment. I made chicken, ham, fresh green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all those little extras like deviled eggs. Joe's mom brought chocolate creme cake and cherry pie. She also brought salad and a loaf of french bread. The food was all good and we were all stuffed after dinner but that didn't stop us from going to the Fort Desoto dog beach. Sara (Joe's sister) and I were in the water with Goldstein while Barbara (Joe's mom) collected shells along the shore. Joe sat on a bench and read about stocks, bonds and annuities because he is a geek! The weather was beautiful. the water was perfect and we all enjoyed ourselves. I have so many leftovers in the fridge.. Joe and I will be eating it for a week. (yuck!)

Take a shot at my ethnicity, because lately some people have been telling me some wild ones, and I just wonder what I look most alike.

Until next time, I bid you all adieu..