January 27th, 2006

Today was a blur.

First, before I forget since it is so small.. I finished a little bat pin for _boxinghelena. Let me know if this is what you had in mind? I can send you larger photos of the front and back if you'd like. It is 4 1/2 inches across and 2 1/2 inches tall at the highest point. It was the smallest I could make it. It has a pin back and I can add a little bow if you'd like. I also need you to answer my email about your zip code being wrong. Thanks!

_boxinghelena also pointed out that I was only making bunnies so tonight I also made a 1 foot bat which is for sale on etsy. (http://agirlnamedjax.etsy.com) It was actually fun to make something besides a bunny for a change. I think I'll start making lots of little stuffed creatures. I really need to get back to sculpting clay doll heads though.. I miss that! I just don't seem to find the patience to do such time consuming work lately. I've been happily stuffing and sewing by Joe as he studies and listening to him ramble about business stuff.

I got my art trade from veruka_dolls. I love him. He is a "horny little devil." (credit to Gwen for her catchy name) He went up on my art shelf which is getting way too full. I need to start on the top shelf of my other bookcase. I hope you get your bunny soon.. and remember to be careful when opening him, or you will wind up stabbing yourself. I wrapped the pins in a bunch of tissue paper but still be careful, please!

I also got an adorable card and little laminated ornament from bagorazors. Thanks to both of you! Mail days are my happiest days!

Joe and I had to run to Office Depot & Kinko's tonight so we stopped at McDonald's.. and I vow to never eat there again! First - It took 21 minutes (yes I count these kinda things). Second - After Joe and I ate we both felt sick. Third - It didn't taste very good. Fourth & Last - I MUST STOP EATING FAST FOOD!

I'm gonna go make some hot cocoa and watch the news. I'm sick & tired of this insomnia b/s!

I am an idiot.

I should have gone to sleep hours ago.. but instead I'm being a hot glue princess. I have this bad habit of picking dried glue off the metal part of the glue gun once it has cooled down.. well, It was still plugged in when I decided to grab it. OUCH! I cannot feel parts of my index finger and thumb.