January 26th, 2006

I am a crazy woman!

I know I am crazy but they are just so much FUN to make! I sat at the kitchen table with Joe tonight as he studied for his series 7 and finished them up. I have a bunch more waiting to be finished.. yep, I'm insane! I am going to turn into a darn rabbit! They are of course for sale on etsy. (http://www.agirlnamedjax.etsy.com) Btw, if you bought a bunny it has gone out so make sure to be looking for them! judywatt, your bunny will go out tomorrow. I feel like poo today and just do not want to leave the apartment.

I did work on some real art yesterday. I worked on some stamped jewelry. I'm using white polymer clay and painting but I should just go get some already colored clay. I guess the 8 lbs. of white that I have is what's stopping me.

I added more to nua_rua's package. It's her birthday soon and I am just going crazy! I don't even want to know what it is going to weigh and how much postage will be.. eck! I am so excited about it. I hope you love everything! I even included an "inside joke" that I think you will get a total kick out of.. but please don't let the kids see! Hahaahah!

I slept yesterday.. finally. It was wonderful. I slept 8 hours straight and woke up to Joe cuddling me too much. We are total cuddle monsters. I don't think we have ever fallen asleep not cuddling. I actually can't sleep at all if some part of me isn't touching Joe.. even if it is just my pinky.