January 25th, 2006

Stupid Florida!

One day it is 85 and the next day it is 45! Thank goodness for hot cocoa and a giant warm blanket!

I got bored and made a little larger bunny.. he is a "Bondage Bunny Hoodoo." His mouth is a zipper. He is for sale on etsy. (http://www.agirlnamedjax.etsy.com) He is 9 inches. I had this pair of vinyl hot shorts covered in zippers that I couldn't waste, and now I haven't. Yay for small zippers. I also listed some leftover handmade ornaments and a Bunny Hoodoo purse that I made the other day.

I think I shall work on some real art today.. but not after a nap. I totally need a nap.

I need to close up nua_rua's box and send it off.. but I'm having so much fun adding to it. I have to go to the post office tonight and mail a bunch of stuff out. I love automated postal systems.

I don't like Pepsi. Joe got it yesterday for me since it was much cheaper than coke.. and well, it's pretty gross stuff.