January 20th, 2006

Bunny Hoodoo Bonanza!

Okie so.. well.. I had a little Bunny Hoodoo makin' frenzy the other day. I have been too busy to make any clay dolls and I was really wanting to create. I am trying them out on Etsy. They are cheap! 4.99-5.99. Be super awesome people and buy one or two or pass the link on to someone who may need a voooodoooo bunnnnny!

These little ghouls and gals are a medical fetishist dream! They are "Bad Medicine Bunny Hoodoos." They are made of thick vinyl and all come with corresponding medical crosses!

These cute boys & girls are ready for valentines day. (esp if you have a bad one *wink*)


In other news: The spider bite I got exactly one year ago today is still on my leg. I have a nasty scar the size of an apple. I grew out of the tattoo phase but now I want one to cover this up.. any suggestions? I think I'll get a circuit because I saw one back in the day on BME which was just gorgeous!

Oh and btw.. I changed my journal layout. It looks way prettier this way!

Disgusting & so good!

So, one of my 2006 resolutions was to not eat fast food this year.. but after only 20 days I craved it and tonight I enjoyed clogging my arteries with a whopper.

Yes, this was yummy. (and oh so disgusting)

- Please let me know when a good time for you will be.. so we can set up a "due date."
- Please let me know your real name so I don't feel like a horrible goon.
- Please let me know what you are interested in having me make for you and the size of the trade you are interested in doing. (one item, a whole package etc.)
- If wanting to do a larger trade and not just the one item.. please let me know things you enjoy/like etc.
- Send address.
- Please email me this information at jacquelynsart@yahoo.com and title it "LJ Trade."

Currently working on trades with:
- nua_rua - Will be finished and have it in the mail within the next few days. It is a large box filled with a ton of goodies. Please forgive me for one of the gifts as I have never made one before and it is rather wonky.
- veruka_dolls - I will be making your bunny tomorrow and sending it out Monday.

I need to send gifts to tricia_joy & metamorphmuse. They sent me wonderful packages which I need to properly thank them for!

P.S. Please check out Stuntkid.com. Amazing art. Thanks to the girlfriend.. lizzelizzel for the link!