January 18th, 2006

A Gazillion Photos!

So, I usually post pictures all the time and I have been such a slacker sooo.. time for another post with a buttload of photos!

First, I promised I would get around to taking photos of the lovely items I received for xmas from tricia_joy, metamorphmuse & myerscho..

These things are on the top shelf of my bookcase. The skeleton key is on of the little things I got from metamorphmuse and the brightly colored face is part of a wonderful package from tricia_joy. The doll in the shadowbox is a lovely item I purchased from kerrykate. She didn't send it to me in the box. I got the box from Goodwill and had no idea what to do with it.. and the little doll fit perfect. The little boy ornie is something I purchased from bagorazors.

These are two amazing gifts from metamorphmuse. She sent me a handmade copper ornie and a wonderful handmade necklace that I am just in love with! Eeee. She also sent me some beautiful fabric. I will have a package off to you asap! Thanks so much hun!

These are 4 handmade bracelets from tricia_joy. Talk about a generous woman! I also got some odds and ends from her including olds keys, buttons and fabric and some cool little earrings! Thank you so much sweetheart. I will make and send you a package soon!

A super cute painting and little wire woman from myerscho. She also sent me a super cute little creature doll and 2 handmade paper dolls. Thanks lil lady!

Sorry about not using the livejournal cut.. but hey! Everyone needed to see all this awesomeness! ;)

Now that the holidays are out of the way.. who wants to do an art trade with me?

2 Paintings.

My apartment walls were looking rather blank and sad.. so I made up two simple paintings for them. They are both 24 x 24 on wood panels. They were fun to do.

I am going to Greece in October for one week for a family wedding. After the wedding.. Joe and I will be spending another 2 weeks in Europe. We are going to Italy first (Naples, Rome, Florence & Venice), then to Vienna, Austria, then to Prague in the Czech Republic (which scares me because it's where Hostel was shot and very close to the country Slovenia.. which the movie was about), then to Berlin, Germany, then to Amsterdam.. and then to the UK to fly home. We are going to be sleeping on the train rides. I cannot wait! :)

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