January 7th, 2006


I swear I'm alive.. and will start posting on a normal basis again, soon!

The Bucs didn't win! :( I made a steak and shrimp dinner for Joe and I tonight while we watched the game and they didn't win.. but dinner was still good!

I don't like potato chips anymore.. I have somehow become a Triscuit kinda gal. I never thought that would happen because I used to HATE them. It's strange how things change as we all get older. Yes, that was random. I am a random person.

I have been working on some folk art lately.. and I think I found my niche. It's easy, fun and not as time consuming as clay. It's also not as messy. I will post pictures tomorrow or the next day.

I want to go see Hostel tonight. I went to see it last night but it was sold out. I haven't had that happen to me at the movies since I was a little girl and went to see Snow White. I have to wake Joe up from his nap. I hope he'll want to go.

It's cold. It's going to below freezing tonight. Burrr!