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Some things eventually need to end. This journal is dead.

I have grown up a lot recently and have no desire to share bland details of my life with people I will never truly know. This journal has always been nothing but a waste of time. I don't update anymore, and when I do.. it has no substance. I write my real feelings in a real journal and that is enough for me. I won't be deleting this journal because there are a lot of memories to look back on. I won't be reading entries or commenting anymore. I don't have the time. If you still want to stay in contact with me.. you can add me to myspace. (http://www.myspace.com/human_disgrace) I might get the same bug about myspace that I did about livejournal and delete that too, but right now I think it will stay.

Just in case..

Just in case any of you wondered what I have been up to.. well, I had been suffering severe stomach and back pains for a few weeks. The pain was so bad I would vomit. I finally went to a doctor a week ago and he told me I have a peptic ulcer. I never thought an ulcer could be that bad. Believe me, they are incredible pain. I've been sleeping a lot, throwing up everyday and barely eating. I feel like death has taken it's toll on me. Anyways..

Joe and I are going to go outside now and set off some fireworks. Too bad I won't have much fun since it feels like there is one in my belly!

Huge Thanks!

Thank you tattooedartgirl!!! A neighbor brought me over a package today and said it was delivered to her on mistake. Thanks for thinking of me sweetie!


Stop doing it! If you are ugly or have bad skin you want to hide.. at least photoshop it off and not just raise the brightness and contrast. These photos make you look like idiots!

Bernie is an angel.

I encourage everyone who doesn't already know thecre8tivei, to add her or at least read her journal. The stories she post are sometimes sad and make me cry, but even more than that.. I smile when I read her journal because of all the animals that she DOES help. She is an amazing woman and I just wanted to let you all know that!

Death in FL.

It is 89 degrees and the a/c in my apartment just broke! I opened all the windows and have fans going, but I still feel like I'm going to melt! To top things off.. I got my period this morning. Yay for heat flashes and no a/c!

Closing Etsy Store!

CLOSING SHOP / MOST THINGS ONLY 1.50! (including the cute mini bunny hoodoos!)

Also, who wants to take over being the owner and mod of shopetsy? At the end of the week, I am done with Etsy.. and if no one takes over the community, it will be deleted!

I'm really sick of the internet in general.. all these stupid places I waste time on. Just thinking about it makes me want to gag! I might go on a deleting frenzy.. I won't delete my journal though. I've had it since 2001.

Blah blah blah

I could talk about the last week in detail but that would be boring. I'll just quickly sum it all up! Joe and I had his 13 year old sister staying with us last week and while he was at work I took his sister shopping and the like. One of the last days she was here we went to Fort Desotos North Beach. It was so beautiful there. We swam, had mud fights and attempted to make a sand castle with no tools which turned into giant sand boobs! We also collected some of the prettiest shells. I think I might have a new favorite place. I just hope after all this rain from this tropical storm that the beach won't be all nasty for when I go back on the 24th.

Sunday Joe and I relaxed and got dinner at a little mom and pop italian restaurant. I don't actually like italian but earlier in the day he brought me home roses.. so I didn't want to argue on the restaurant choice.

My allergic reaction has cleared up so now I will start to use super sculpey again.. and if it comes back.. well, we know what that means!

These are what I was up to last week.

Speaking of hair clips.. _boxinghelena, your hair clips went out the other day and they are the little vamp girls pictured! :)

I think I'm gonna make some bunny hoodoos tonight. I have a craving to use the vintage buttons Joe's grandma sent me. They are sooo old and amazing. They were her mother and grandmothers buttons. They range from 50-100 years old.

I love you, Caladryl!

Well.. my allergic reaction has gotten worse. If I wasn't continually covering myself in calamine lotion.. I would probably have no skin left. I have no idea what caused this reaction. I haven't changed soaps, laundry detergents, deodorants etc. I guess it has to be the clay, but I haven't used it in a week! I'm not eating anything strange that I don't usually eat. My back was killing me for about a week and I started taking a lot of aspirin. It is the only thing that has changed. I usually take Ibuprofen. I feel like finding a good tree with lots of bark and rubbing myself all over it! Any tips on things to alleviate the itching or make this go away? I'll do anything!


Has anyone hear experienced any allergic reactions to polymer clay? Ever since I've been using it a lot, I have been getting tiny little hives on my forearms. They aren't red but they itch very bad. I'm defiantly allergic to something.. I am just not sure yet what it is.