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We had great fun last night, we did me and my self concionse. A great set of dreams.

The first two are dull but the last ones are funny so skip the first two if you cant be arsed reading all of this.

Here is a List of dreams:

[Nanny Sykes's House]
[Matt and me down the pub]
[Robin down the Dick Turpin with Marijuana and Crack]
[Huw's mate and Westlife]
[Thunder and lightening]

Click 'read more' bellow to read a description in full.

I'm not sure about the order of all of these but I'll do my best

[Nanny Sykes's House]

A dream I have quite often is about my grandmother's house in Herne Hill, south London. It is quite a strange house, a fairly large victorian terrace which she owns the upper flat to. Despite the fact she owns only the top, it has about three bedrooms and a large attick and big rooms. It used to be a council flat but my dad recently bought it for her off of them. I often dreamt about it on and off ever since I was ickle. Sometimes I'd dream that we owned the downstairs floor and cellar too and of course the garden which is the property of downstairs and in a state of ruin.

This dream was mainly about the garden instead of being overgrown it was really pretty it had trees and flowers and everything. More like an natural meadow or park than a propper garden. As with many dreams about houses it was a lot bigger and had more rooms than it really does and it also had a sideway which in real life it doesn't being a terrace. What I remember mainly is the steps going down into the garden from the side, there was a very sheer drop and a large bridge over the sideway going from her house to nextdoor. the grass along the sideway at the bottom of the steps (which started out overgrown the were cleared. was very damp and soggy, I had a horrible feeling of slowly sinking into it and had to run so as not to get stuck. It turned out there was a pond in the corner and had I have gone too far I'd have drowned!!!!

[Matt and me down the pub]

Matt's a guy I work (worked) with, nice chap, probably the guy that I get on with the most down there. Anyway for some reason me and him decided to go drinking togehter, not that we have done before. I dreamt about being in about three places but most of this dream I unfortunatly cannot record. I think ew started off in Ilford and ended up in Goodmayes. we were on our way back and just previously we'd bumped into some people in Ilford (I cannot recall who unfotunatly since this part of the dream is a bit misty) but when we got to goodmayes he asked why dont we have another drink. I said "should we go to the standard bearer" but he said "weatherspoons don't open on a saturday" (they do irl but in my dream they didnt) this suprised me and we went to a pub nearby which doesnt relaly exist. There we had one round and everbody in the pub was quietly watching a film on channel five on a big tv in the bar, some action thriller. They were doing this also in the last place we were in in Ilford which I think might well have accidently been a bank. It could have been O'Neils where I'm told Robin works (not been there) but I don't see the link with that and a bank.

Anyway this pub in goodmayes I find my parents sitting having a drink! I was a bit embarresed but anyway there they are. Then I find my brother and his wife and my uncle and aunt too, also drinking and watching the telly. I overhear my uncle say that my brother cannot hold his drink, one pint and he's gone. After finishing my round quickly I hint to Matt that its his round he asks me what I want. A very small bar only sells steller on about five pumps and one pump of heineken. I ask for heineken he comes back with a drink for his serlf and my mum says to me "you wanna watch him, he hasnt bought you a drink" I tell him so he goes "oh yeah" gets me one but thats when it finishes.

[Robin down the Dick Turpin with Marijuana and Crack]

This might have been before Matt and me down the pub but I'm not sure.

We were all at work behind the bar but it wasnt work it was just lazying around, like one big party. Robin who used to work there with me in the summer but got sacked was there. He is the guy I got on with in the respect of working because he didnt take the job as seriously as everbody else and we had a similar sense of humour. He only got the job a year or two ago to pay for his Crack addiction and I suppose I dreamt about him ebcause we were talking about him the other day. Me and Louise (somebody else tha works there) were sittin gon the floor behind the bar with our backs to the bar, Robin was telling us how he didn't smoke, do drugs or anything anymore and would anybody like to buy a single joint he already had rolled up for a couple of pounds. Not that I do drunks I decided to buy the joint as I occasionally have a puff. but he came back with a whole bundle of actuall marijuana leaves and sprinkled them all over the and into our hands, me louse and some others of us sitting on the floor he then came around with a very large amount of charlie and sprinkled it all over the bar! There could have been other stuff too but thats all I can remember of this dream.

[Huw's mate and Westlife]

Often since I've started uni I have dreams about halls of residance. Often they are surreal large clusters of flats like where we lived but bigger and stranger with weird corridors and layouts insides other dreams I've had are about large towers with many many stairs. this was one of them. it was on its own in a field like, sort of surreal. my mate's huw had a mate staying there in his first year and for some bizzare reason asked me to meet him by myself. I thought this a bit odd but said I'd go, when I got there on every floor by the stairs was a member of Westlife. I don't know much about Westlife or what they look like so basically it was just a gay looking bloke with lots of girls around him playing an intsrument sitting on the floor on every stair landing. it was quite a tall building so in this dream there was about fifteen members of Westlife. Anyway I went up all the stairs to find him and I'd met him before somewhere. we said hello then for a laugh we decided to drop money infront of each member to instult them by inplying they were buskers because neither of us liked westlife we did this then he disapeared and I saw Huw and Karren leftbridge (a totally unrelated person I work with who's also quite fit) with all her friends entering the building togehter. Huw told me to go and keep his friend talking I end up wandering around the building and getting lost and finding more than us had been giving westlife money but it didnt seem to be pissing them ogff.

[Thunder and lightening]

It was thundering and lightening outside and I was very scared. I got up to turn the light on but the dimmer switch wasnt working it was still dark and I was pannicing, the knob fell off and I had to try and twist it with my hands. When I finally got it working it was very dim but my mum came in so it all became OK.

thats it I think, quite cool ones this night!
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