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Good moring boys and girlies, I have awaken.

Last night I ended up crashing at lst before 5pm. It was earlier than I'd hoped but late enough to still work. I ended up having quite a long uninterupted sleep utnil about 3 or 4am when I woke up I managed to sleep in dribs and drabs since then and eventually found my way up at about half seven this morning. hopefully seeing the light I'll be able to click back into a normal rythm...

Anyway the upside of this operation is that I've had a cool collection of dreams to narrate to you all, I'll do athat in a second.

Also later I'll update the friends only post I posted yesterday about Richard and why he's a dickhead. - I just typed it out and it took me a lot longer and I couldnt be fucked proof reading it and adding a few bits and correcting grammer and spelling so I'll do all that later.

I've also got to revise (:((() but hopefully I'll get hte momentum going with that a bit and have a good week for working.

Still feel a bit groggy. Youknow when you sleep for soo many hours you stil feel tired when you wake up? and of course changing your body clock (or correcting it so to speak) isn't as simple as having a long sleep at the right time. At first you think you should be in bed because this is the hour you're usually in bed even though you have slept for ages. Thankfull our body has a natural mechanism based on light wherin daylight itself and sunrise and sunset does a reset function to syncronyse you with the celestial time pattern. Its this reason why our body clock usually works twenty four hour cycles even when naturally its twenty four and a half.

Anyway I'll do my dream post now - look forward to it!

Oh there might be a friends/only post a bit later on about another matter entirely but I'm not sure yet... you'll see what its about when I post it.

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