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Today, I have concluded that MS-DOS is shit

I like to use dosprompt, infact I use it all the time as I prefer typing commands than clicking them but yesterday I speant the good part of several hours having to write my own dos commands!

The first thing that irritated me (and has done for a while but I only got around to fixing it yesterday) is the fact that start.exe (the programme that is used to start a file or executable as if you were double clicking it) does not handle wildcards. Not that big a problem you might think but if you want to run mp3s from a dosprompt window it is kind of necessary unless you want to type the entire mp3 name out.

Now you'd think creating a version of start that handled wildcards would be easy pipe job from dir but it isn't, and why not? because dos's handling of pipes is pathetic to say the least. So I had to write a very bizzare batch programme and a mini QBASIC app to get what I needed.

And then today I realise something else that is shit about DOS. When looking through my mp3 collection using dir it refuses to order my mp3s by name because it says (too many files, not sorting.) Thats nice of it, isn't it?

So I'm not happy with it.
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